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Our NON-Imaginary Friends

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the April 19th, 2010

A few entries back, I wrote about Braeden and Mikey’s imaginary friends. I thought it would be neat to write about their NON-Imaginary (yet non-human) friends. They are all so cute and they are all so meaningful to the boys. The great thing is, they are not totally attached to one particularly. They are all favorites and although the boys do favor one over the other at times, one can easily replace the other say if, one is in the wash, or we left one at home and are spending the night out etc. Now keep in mind these are only a handful of the “animals” that the boys actually own. They are blog entry worthy because of all the other ones they have to trade out, of all the others that may spark interest for a day or two but then make their way back into the bin, they guys are a constant in the bed at night. Even when an “intruder” animal comes in for a short time, these ones are STILL in the bed too. :)

SO, let me introduce you to…..

“Rolly”- He is the first of “the favorites” to join our household. He was picked out by Braeden, but purchased by Nana at Gulf World in Panama City over 5 years ago. Braeden simply LOVES him and came up with the name on his own. He is washed at least once a month and has held up great. Mikey has become quite fond of him as well, and Braeden even looked for one for him on his last trip to Panama City.


Next up is “Eagle Bear-” Eagle Bear was brought to our home by Santa Clause the first year Mike and I were married. Mike put the hint in Santa’s ear. It’s a tradition that the boys get a “non-imaginary friend” aka “stuffed animal” in their stocking at Christmas and Braeden was especially happy about this one. Braeden does the “E A G L E S, EAGLES!” chant with him.


Then there is “Doggie!” Doggie is also a Webkinz and although (thankfully) Braeden never got into Webkinz World on the computer, he loves this little guy. Sadly I can not remember where he came from, but feel certain Braeden will know right away when I ask him.


Now, on to Mikey’s little love’s

We all remember “Unny!” Poor Unny isn’t really seen very often anymore which is strange because of ALL of these guys, Unny is the one that was NEEDED and WANTED the most. He went with us everywhere for about a year and he was washed SO much that the “Jesus Loves Me” song stopped playing. I was ecstatic when I found another one while vacationing at my parents last year-


Naturally, it was shortly after I found this “back up” Unny, that Mikey lost interest in him. WE DO STILL LOVE YOU UNNY!


Who knows, maybe he will make a comeback. If he does, we are prepared. The “back up” Unny (although he too no longer sings) is in perfect condition. The original is missing an eyeball! Btw, Original Unny was a gift from Grandma when Mikey was born. Comeback or not, he will always be special and remain a part of our family.

“Bear” was Unny’s replacement. He was actually one of the animals I bought before Mikey was born. He actually came dressed in a blue bunny costume, but Mikey took it off. Bear has been his favorite and night time buddy for about 9 months. I like him cuz he is super soft. He and Rolly feel almost identical. Bear too is frequently washed and has held up well.


This guy doesn’t have a name (yet). My sister sent it to Mikey for Easter and it appears to be making it past the “intruder” phase and into the “favorites” phase. Mikey really likes him. He is a Doggie dressed as a Bunny- super cute.


He’s also a great accessory in one of my new FAVORITE pictures of Mikey-


Another cute one-


And last but not least is our newest addition “Charlie”- Mikey picked him out at the River Dogs game a couple weeks ago. He, like, “No name” is proving to make it into the “favorites” club! BTW, if you have a little girl, you can get a “Chelsey” she is Charlie’s side kick! :)


Here is Mikey petting a REAL animal (well insect)- A little lizard.


Oh, and garage sale was good. We made $120.00 in 5 hours while getting sun tanned. :) Saturday night, Mike and I went on a date to see Date Night. It was SO SO funny. I laughed so hard at times I was crying. YES, we ARE taking advantage of the fact that we have a FREE babysitter (or one at all) for the next 3 weeks. Sunday we had a very lazy day around the house. The boys enjoyed the new slip n’ slide that Mike’s Mom bought. It came with little boogie boards, but Mikey would just run and slide on his butt at the very end. He did enjoy holding his “surf board.”


We are SO excited for this Friday- PAPA comes in town! :)

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  1. Chara said,

    on April 19th, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    You look fabulous by the way! Riley too is into his stuffed animals. They talk to him. ;o) And he talks for them as well. The stuffed animals have been able to do great things as well like get him to sit on the potty, take a bath, etc. LOVE them.

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