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Another Busy Weekend

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the April 15th, 2010

Last weekend was another jam-packed weekend. I’ve mentioned before that Mike’s Mom cares for Mikey as well as two other little girls who are sisters (Sayelor is 2 and Piper is 8 months old). We love those 2 little girls SO much (and their parents) and I know Sayelor and Mikey are going to be lost without one another. Sayelor and Piper were both premature babies. Sayelor was almost 3 months early and Piper was 5 weeks early. Both babies spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit at MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina). Every 2 years, MUSC hosts a reunion for all the babies that “graduated” from the unit and their families. We were invited to join their family this year and we had so much fun. I’ve never seen so many multiples (LOTS of twins and triplets) and they all looked so healthy and perfect! Here are some pictures from the event. It was a gorgeous day.

Mikey and Sayelor riding the train-

Mikey and Sayelor LOVED this blow up jump contraption-


As much as he loves firetrucks, I can’t believe this scared him. He freaked out shortly after this picture was taken-

They even had a little petting zoo-


Ponies- we thought for sure he’d freak out since neither Mike or I were standing next to him while he rode, but he loved it.

“Umm, I think I will let Daddy touch that turtle!”

Mike holding Piper-

Mikey’s favorite was this merry-go-round. He went on it so many times and got mad when the woman tried to take him off (there was no one waiting). At one point he lifted his hat in the air and started waving with it.

After we went home for naps, we decided that since there had been no baseball all week because of Spring Break, we’d get our fill at a Rivers Dogs game. We went to the park that’s just outside the stadium. Braeden and Harley loved that they had a big open field to play catch and Mikey just loved the playground and that it had 3 or 4 slides (or “sliding boards” as he calls them).

This was not an easy picture to take. I had to climb up this play structure and then hold my balance, getting down was worse.

Mikey and Daddy racing down the slide-

“The sun’s in my eyes Mama!”

Mikey with his bat and ball waiting on our food-

The view from the back of the stadium. ****SIGH**** I am going to MISS Charleston-

“Please hurry up and finish eating. The game has started. I can SEE it!” We sat in the picnic area so we could eat at tables.

Sunday, little Piper was Dedicated at her church. After the service we went out to Sullivan’s Island for lunch at Poe’s (one of the BEST hamburger places around). Since we were so close to the water, but we were in our church clothes (and therefore didn’t attempt a walk on the beach), we HAD to find Mikey some water. This fountain suited well-


He was a good listener when I told him to splash Daddy-

So, here it is already Thursday again. We have another busy weekend planned. Braeden has a game tomorrow night; we are having a garage sale on Saturday morning; Harley has a game Saturday afternoon and we are hitting the beach on Sunday! I’ll let ya know how it all turns out. :)

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  1. Chara said,

    on April 16th, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    What a great weekend! I know you and the boys are happy to get some Daddy times now on Sat. and Sun.

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