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From Sprout to Disney Channel, to Cartoon Network, to ESPN

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the September 16th, 2009

As if it weren’t obvious enough that my boys are growing up TOO FAST, the other morning as I was laying in bed, I heard Braeden ask Mike if he could watch TV before heading to school (since most nights Mike is not home, I do the evening routine and Mikey and I sleep a little longer in the mornings while Mike takes care of Braeden). That morning, and every morning since, Braeden has watched ESPN before school. No more cartoons for this kid. In fact, he rarely plays with toys. He likes anything to do with sports and outside, or video games. He does enjoy reading too which makes me feel better about his love for video games. He is SO smart when it comes to sports (and in general really- every paper he has brought home since the start of school has been 100 %) :) Sorry bout the bragging. Anyway, when he it comes to sports, he is especially intelligent. He knows the rules to almost every sport more than me.  I came home from running some errands the other day and Braeden was sitting in a chair watching a football game with Mike. Of all the things a 7 year old could be doing with their Saturday afternoon, Braeden wants to watch ANY game on TV. Now that football season is here, and baseball playoffs approaching, and having a husband and son BOTH loving sports, I think I can pretty much guarantee I am going to be recording all of my shows that are about to start back up. Lucky for me, Braeden did remind me yesterday that despite his maturity, in so many ways he is still a little kid. He came up to me complaining that his eye hurt. It was really red and he was teary. He said, “Mama it really hurts. I think I have an eyebrow in it.” I savor moments when he says things like this and I just can’t correct him!

Hmm, then there’s the little Monster, AKA Mikey, who has needed a LOT of correcting lately. He seems to be able to catch on quickly when I am not up to par. Rather than console me and be sweet and loving (the way Braeden has always done- even at 2 years old, when I wasn’t feeling well), Mikey takes advantage and acts like a maniac. Over labor day weekend I battled bronchitis. I had fun pool plans Sat afternoon and a girls night out planned for Sat night and I cancelled both opting instead for a visit to the urgent care clinic. Good thing because by the time I was in the waiting room I was ILL! After the X-ray confirmed bronchitis, I was given 2 shots in the butt and a breathing treatment. I just took my last dose of antibiotics today and feel back to normal- Mikey…..still a work in progress. :) That weekend, he emptied about 25 cups of water onto the bathroom floor. Guess that means we left him unattended too long huh? Remember we live in a two bedroom apartment and he does not play quietly- even in the bath tub. For some reason we didn’t hear the water being poured out cup by cup. The next day when Mike took the boys to Walmart so I could rest, Mikey decided to hop into the freezer bin while Mike checked the date on the yogurt. Where was the camera at THIS moment? As I stated on Facebook a few days ago, For every Terrible Two Moment that Mikey (and our family) goes through, there are 10 moments that Mikey makes me smile, love and adore him, and feel completely in awe that this AMAZING little kid is really MINE?! He is also SO polite- never asking for anything without saying please and he says thank you when handing us something or after he helps with something. Watching him experience things for the first time truly is so humbling and honestly he makes me LAUGH! A few cute things he’s said recently-

Me- “Mikey are you ready to go to Mom Mom’s house? Mama has to go to work!” Mikey- “I go to Mom Mom’s SCHOOL!”

Mikey- “Airplane Mama!” Me- “Yes that IS an airplane Mikey.” Mikey- “Touch it!” (he says “touch it” when he sees anything interesting). Me- “No sweetie it’s too high to touch!” Mikey- “Use step-stool Mama?” :) Recently he has wanted to get things himself and LOVES using his step stool.

One morning I was in the shower and when I came out, Mikey was investigating the contents under the bathroom sink (don’t worry it’s pretty child-friendly). He had a small bottle of dove body spray up his nose. The bottle looks a little like Braeden’s Flonase nose spray and Mikey wants to imitate everything his big brother does. :)

That SAME morning, Mikey (who always wants to flush the toilet regardless of whether or not it needs to be) was insisting on flushing the toilet. I told him that the toilet didn’t need to be flushed because no one had gone potty. He ran out of the bathroom. I figured he was headed to watch cartoons that were on in the other room. A couple minutes later, he came back in with his bear, lifted the toilet seat, sat bear on the potty and while holding him, made a peeing sound. Then he said, “Good JOB bear!” and flushed the toilet! What an imagination he has.

Speaking of potty, I feel safe saying that he is about 50 percent potty trained. He will pee pee any time we put him on the potty (which is several times a day) and from time to time (when it’s convenient for him ie. in TARGET, or WALMART, or any where else that’s NOT so convenient for me) he will say, “potty Mommy” and will pee when we go into the bathroom. He does still pee a lot in his diaper or pull up (he wears mostly pull-ups during the day), but he drinks a lot. I was so proud of him on Sunday because we left the house with a pull-up on, went and watched Harley play baseball (he’s playing competitively on a travelling team), played at the playground, had lots to drink and when I took him into the potty 4 hours later, he was DRY! He has also been waking up dry several mornings too. Ah, the thought of no more diapers…….is actually SAD to me! :(

Saturday, AFTER the Penn State game (they won by the way), I took the boys to a new park. It was the coolest park I’ve ever been to and another reason WHY I love this amazing city we live in.

The park is literally UNDER the two big bridges. It is almost entirely shaded, is completely fenced in and had a nice breeze coming off the water-






Only problem is, being directly under the bridge made it loud and Mikey was “gared” (scared) at first-

“HEY Mama!” Not scared anymore-


Braeden loved jumping into the mesh pit


One more cute story- We bought Mikey a plastic bucket shaped like Thomas the Train for him to take trick-or-treating. When he saw it, it was SO excited and squealed, “NEW Tommy Mama!” I told him it was to put his candy in on Halloween. He has been taking Flinstone vitamins for about 6 months. When the Dr. told us to start giving them to him (because his iron was a little low) we were worried he might object, so we called them “candy.” This morning he came to me and asked for his “candy” as he does most mornings (fortunately he LOVES the vitamins and remembers every morning) and when I gave him his vitamin, he ran and got his Thomas bucket and put the vitamin in it! :)

I LOVE my Family!

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    I’m fascinated by the diverse range of views and opinions. Who’s your “go to” guy?

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