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Practice Makes Perfect!

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the May 29th, 2009


The other day I was at Mike’s Mom’s and when I went to check on Braeden and Harley in the back yard, this is what I saw. They will play out there for HOURS, not bothered by the heat, sweat or bugs.  They apparently take practice SO seriously.  I tell you what though, it PAYS OFF!

 Braeden had another AWESOME game last night. After missing 2 of his games last week because we were out of town, Mike and I enjoyed last night so much.  Coach RJ added another “sticker” to the pile that he gives the boys to put on their helmets after the game (the ones they receive depending on what type of game they had).  The new one is “Sacrifice” and goes to the player who sacrificed something for their team (say they had a good hit, the runner on first advanced, but they got out at first- that would be a SACRIFICE for the team since they advanced the runner).  Last night Braeden received the award (first night it was given it out) and his sacrifice was his body!  He was on 3rd base and was running home. The ball was hit right to the pitcher, who threw it home to try and avoid Braeden scoring.  Our third base coach had already sent Braeden home thinking they would throw to first to get the “easy” out (as they do most often in this league). I watched in horror as the ball got to the catcher WAY before Braeden was even near the plate.  With the ball in his glove I just waited for him to tag Braeden out, BUT in AMAZINGLY(since they don’t teach them this skill this early in their learning), Braeden knew to slide and he DID, PERFECTLY (thanks to all the PRACTICE he does with Harley) right underneath the catchers legs and he was SAFE.  He scored a run for the team and I KNOW it hurt his legs and he was filthy! There are few moments in my life that stand out, ones that I can picture in my mind as if they are happening at that moment.  Braeden sliding, scoring, looking up at the umpire and seeing he was safe, jumping up and raising his arm  (to signal a big YES!) will be a moment that will play over and over again in my mind forever.  I was choked up, cheering and crying at the same time.  YES, I am that Mom who feels SO much pride and am so humbled every time I see my son SO proud of himself.  The other Moms laughed at me because I called him “Pumpkin.” Apparently NOT something you call your son while they are playing baseball.  Haha! :) He also caught a pop fly at third, had a great hit and made a few good plays to 1st. 

Over the past few weeks of “blah” that we’ve been going through, people have been telling me to find things I enjoy that don’t cause stress, and in fact help it!  Watching my kid play baseball is IT! I simply LOVE it, enjoy it and feel so much peace as I realize how often God shows us happiness through the smallest things.  I honestly don’t think winning the lottery would give me that same “moment” that I had last night- PRICELESS!

The title of this blog has another meaningand proves another way practice makes perfect. I have to mention another one of God’s gifts to me.  I say its God-given because no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to get rid of each other.  I am referring to a friend of mine whom I’ve know about 6 years.  Through that 6 years we’ve had many ups and downs and an on-again off-again friendship that has included some of the BEST times in my life and some of the WORST.  A friendship, which interestingly, neither of us has had with any one of the other friends in our lives- maybe because we are so much alike or maybe, just maybe, God has used the “bad” moments just as much as the good ones, to shape us and teach us (something)? Very heartwarming that just as much as I would go through all the heartbreak I’ve went through with past “loves” if it meant ending up with Mike, I would go through it all again with Robyn to be where we are and to have this amazing person and friend in my life. Each time we rekindle things (and I have the strongest of faith and assurance that this will be the last time a “rekindling” will need to happen), we are both at a better, happier, healthier place in our lives. And each time we are “off” (no matter how bad things got for us to get to the off), my heart always missed her. God KNOWS what he is doing. I have no doubt that most people would not be able to go through the “crap” we’ve gone through and not only overcome it (not just once, but 3 times!), forgive, forget, BUT actually be a better friend and care MORE than before.  That my friends (ha!) is a TRUE testimony of 2 incredibly beautiful Christian women who truly follow God’s plan! I really DO love you and your family Robyn and thank you so deeply for the encouragement, understanding, acceptance, and unconditional love that this friendship is SO obviously filled with.

Enjoy your weekend!  Maybe it will be one WITHOUT rain for once.

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  1. Robyn said,

    on May 29th, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    Thank you for the kind words my friend. Even though God took us on seperate paths at times, we’ve come a long way together. You are a true beauty. Cheers to walking together this time. :)
    Ps. Braeden looks SO dang cute..all poised for a perfect hit. :)

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