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Mikey’s first funny

Posted in MJ,Vacations by sandy on the June 26th, 2007

Things have been going really well.  We’ve just been so busy since we’ve gotten home from FL.  Speaking of FL, we had an AWESOME time.  It was so nice to get away and just relax.  It was Mike’s first real vacation in a LONG time.  We were there a whole week!  We actually came home a day earlier than we planned and its a good thing we did because we had so much to do the day after we got home (and the day before Mike went back to work).  I also joked with Mike that he needed the extra day off (at home rather than in FL) so that he could detox.  He, my Dad and brother really enjoyed having some drinks together.  I have to say “some” because it was more than a couple, and more than a few.  :) It was so nice to see Mike enjoying himself and not thinking about work.  He deserved to let loose and have a good time.  He was also able to get a little color on his very pale, never-sees-the-sun skin.  We spent the majority of the time at the pool and enjoyed it so much.  Here are a couple things that I wrote down so I wouldn’t forget to Share them:

- Braeden was very confused and swore it was Mother’s Day and not Father’s Day.  He rode with my Dad to pick up Aunt Lisa from the airport and on the way back my Dad said “Tomorrow is Father’s Day.” Braeden was convinced that it was Mother’s Day and that Father’s Day had already passed.  My dad said, “Braeden, you have it backwards!” and he replied very adamantly, “NO papa! I have it forwards!”

One night while we were there, Braeden was getting ready for bed and came and gave Mike and I a hug.  Everyone else was sitting around the table with us outside and Braeden looked around and  said, “Who’s next?” Earlier that same night, I was sitting on Mike’s lap and Braeden looked at Mike and in a very concerned tone says, “Isn’t Mama heavy on your lap?”  Yes, Braeden, I know I need to get started on my exercise regime.

Mike always fiddles with his ring- while he’s driving, watching TV, having a conversation with someone, in church (it fell once while the only noise was the pastor talking) and apparently while we are walking along the boardwalk in The Villages.  Well, it fell in the cracks of the boardwalk.  I was completely choked up and had tears in my eyes as he and my Dad tried to save it from falling through the leaves that had built up in the cracks of the wood.  I looked over at Braeden and he was freaking out.  I’m Not sure he understood exactly why we cared if a little ring fell into the water, but he was so concerned that we were all panicking about something.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the look on his face.  Needless to say, (since Mike is still alive) they got the ring back (thank God for the leaves).  I guess I never really realized until the moment I thought it was gone, how much our wedding rings symbolize.  His was all of about $200, but I know it wouldn’t be the same if it had to be replaced.  You’d think he’d learned his lesson, but when he had the ring in his hand, he didn’t put it back on his finger, instead he continued to fiddle with it.  MEN!

Braeden didn’t come home with us.  Instead his Granddaddy met us and took him back to Panama City for two weeks.  He spent the first week with him and now is with his Nana. He is having a great time and is being spoiled rotten I’m sure.  He loves going and being able to play with his cousins Charlie (he’s 6) and Allie (she’s 3).  Everyday we talk to him he asks how Mikey is and wants to blow him kisses.  He won’t recognize his baby brother when he gets home.  He has gotten so big.  We would tease him when he was first born because he was not a good burper.  Well, that’s changed and he is very adamant about showing everyone that he IS a BOY!  We were in church on Sunday and he was fussing.  We gave him his bottle while we were listening to the service.  Mike laid him on his lap when he was finished and he tooted really loud.  People were looking at us and laughing.  Shortly after, I had him over my shoulder and the ladies behind us were goo gooing over him.  I guess he didn’t appreciate the attention because he burped louder than he ever has.  Again, people looked and laughed.  Finally, he’d decided that he didn’t appreciate the laughter either and wanted OUT of there- he spit up all over me!  Maybe putting him in the nursery isn’t such a bad idea afterall! :)

Things really are going well.  Mikey is sleeping a little better at night (4 hours) and Mike is enjoying his new position.  He found out that they will replace his patrol car with an SUV. YAY! I interviewed yesterday for a position in the loan department of a bank.  It would be full-time, but really good money.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I should hear something this week.  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the pictures. 


This is how Mikey enjoyed the pool while we were in FL.  He was under the awning and under a fan.  Ahhh, to be a baby again.

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  1. Lisa said,

    on June 26th, 2007 at 8:51 pm

    Hey Sandy – it’s great to hear that everything is going so well for you. I sure missed you guys when you left. :o(

    That’s great about the SUV. Good luck with the job application!

    Talk to you soon.


  2. Jack said,

    on July 5th, 2007 at 12:13 am

    Very nice! How did the job application go?

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