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An Awesome Weekend!

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the May 18th, 2009

Mikey had an Elmo themed 2nd Birthday



This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the boys, and Papa has his eyes CLOSED!

I am typing this entry as we drive on I-95 towards VA.  This laptop with built-in wireless internet has paid for itself 3 times over.  It is so convenient!  Although, it IS bad that even an 8 hr car ride can’t force me to relax and, its probably not great for my eyes typing in the dark.  Mikey has been great.  He watched “Tommy” (Thomas the train) and Elmo and then fell asleep. 

The weekend was SO much fun!  It started Friday night with a date night- for the first little man in my life (Braeden) and I.  I figured since he isn’t able to come with us this week because of school and baseball, and since the weekend was going to be all about Mikey’s Birthday party, that he and I would do something fun together just the two of us.  We went and saw the Hannah Montana movie.  Ha! I actually really liked it and so did Braeden.  He is such a well rounded little guy.  All BOY when it comes to sports and baseball, but still prefers a Friday night at the movies (a Hannah Montana movie even) with Mommy. over much else!  After the movies, we went and met with a lady who has 2 BEAUTIFUL adopted girls from Guatemala.  It has been awhile since a child (other than my own) has pulled at my heart strings and touched me the way these 2 little girls did.  One was 3 and the other almost 2.  They are not biological sisters, but adopted from the same foster home in one of the poorest parts of Guatemala.  I was interviewing to nanny for them over the summer.  I will begin nannying for a great family starting in August (their Mom is a teacher and will be home with her girls over the summer), but I am looking for something for the next couple months.  Anyway, I was overcome with joy seeing the girls thriving, so happy, laughing and playing with their new Mommy.  It would be so enriching and rewarding for me to care for them. On the way home Braeden said, “Mama, I want you and Daddy to adopt a baby SISTER from Guatemala!” After witnessing the incredible happiness that can come from an adoption, that is certainly a possibility in the future.

My Dad arrived early Saturday afternoon and he, the boys and I went to a friends graduation party.  Actually, it was Sayelor’s Dad’s graduation from law school. They had set up a great little pool in the back yard.  Sayelor and Mikey had so much fun swimming and splashing everyone.  Sunday morning we went to church and once again, God proved his unending love. He NEVER ceases to amaze me.  Its been a tough few months to say the least and I’ve really needed a lot of extra love and support (and I HAVE received far more than I’d imagined possible) and with my Dad sitting next to me at service (something that happens MAYBE twice a year), the pastor talked about Dad’s and daughters- Of ALL things.  I actually had to force myself not to get more than just a little teary eyed.  If I’d began crying even a little bit, it would have turned into sobs!  Another affirmation to me that God provides exactly what we need, when we need it and he is SO good. 

Sunday afternoon was Mikey’s Birthday party.  We held it in the lanai at the pool clubhouse.  Thank goodness it was covered because about 20 minutes into the party, it started pouring.  Instead of “Happy Birthday to You” we should have sang “Rain Rain Go Away.”  Actually, it really turned out great.  No one seemed affected and we still had so much fun. After the party was over, we decided to use the grill and cook some steaks and eat in the lanai.  My Dad and I were walking back to the apartment under the umbrella to grab the baked beans and he actually said, “this is fun.” That’s right Dad, no amount of rain can ruin time spent with family and friends.  :) AND, it doesn’t seem to ruin a boy’s urge to swim either.  Mike was in the pool with Braeden, Mikey and Harley for close to 2 hours (of course the lightning had stopped at that point).  So much fun!

I think I’ve mentioned before how Mikey associates “Papa” with golf carts (since he and my Mom live in a golf cart community and whenever we visit we ride Papa’s golf cart).  Well, Mike found a kids battery operated golf cart at the second hand store last week and we thought it would be a PERFECT gift from Grandma and Papa.  Sure enough, as soon as Mikey saw my Dad this weekend he said, “golf cart.” Unfortunately he is a little scared of the thing right now so we had Braeden model it for us. A few other gifts that were a hit were the Little Tykes play sink from Mike’s parents, the Elmo mailbox toy from TT (aka Aunt Terry), the Thomas the train bath toy from big brother and the Walmart gift cards from friends (he LOVES Walmart and asks daily for us to take him there).  :)


By last night we were all pooped.  Braeden has started reading a book after we say good-night to help him sleep.  Naturally, since he wants to do everything his big brother does, Mikey has to have a book in his bed too.  We realized when we went to check on them just how tired Mikey was.


K, this is about all my eyes can take.  Have a great week.

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    Happy Birthday Mikey! :)

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