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Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the March 18th, 2009

New week, new home, new bedS! I don’t have a whole lot to report since I’ve literally spent the last week MOVING, cleaning and organizing. I do have to say, that we are more clean, organized, clutter-free, and less stressed than we ever were at the house, AND, we are living in 300 less square feet. This move has truly been great.  Although it was a lot of work, my body is sore, and I am tired, it was a great opportunity to go through things, get rid of stuff, become more organized and even label boxes :) Thanks to Holly allowing me 5 days off in a row (which is a lot considering I was just off for 12 days), I was able to focus on the move without the added distraction of work. With the move, came a few changes- Mike and I sold our bedroom set (rather than have to move a king bed, huge dresser and night stand) and have downsized to a queen bed (this is most definitely temporary- as much as Mike and I love each other, we both like our space when sleeping).  Our room in the apartment is a bit smaller, so we will have to wait until we move again before getting another king. Mike and I are not the only ones with a new bed…..Mikey is officially out of the crib and in a big boy bed :(  We decided to un-bunk the beds and put them side by side in their new room.  The top bunk already had a built in rail so it worked perfectly. Believe it or not, it only took 2 nights for him to adjust (which is HUGE for Mikey especially since we have been without “unny” as we wait for it to arrive in the mail after forgetting it at my parents). Here is a picture of him taking a nap for the first time in his big boy bed!


I think that the time change has also helped.  Because it gets darker out later, Mikey is going to bed at 7pm with Braeden instead of 6pm. I think having his big brother with him at bed time makes him happier.

Couple quick things to note-

-Mikey pointed to my tummy the other day and said, “Baby?” We have no idea where he came up with that.  He is not around anyone that is pregnant and we’ve never talked about a baby being in a tummy. Granted, my stomach WAS a little bloated from all the fast food we’ve eaten while getting settled, but I am certainly NOT pregnant!

-Braeden has his first baseball practice of the season tonight! :)

-I LOVE Spring, but HATE the pollen, especially with a white car! :(


While packing boxes and sorting through things, I came across this picture of me.  I was about Mikey’s age in this picture and swear he looks just like me.  His hair is the exact same color and texture (very fine).  Sadly, my hair is so much darker and SO much thicker now.

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  1. on March 23rd, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    How has Mikey taken to the big boy bed? Any issues or problems? Wondering when to cross this bridge and will hold off as long as I can. However, he’s getting so big I’m having a harder time putting him in it! Hah! Love the pic of him sacked out though. And YES, you two do favor at this age! That’s where the mischievous grin came from! Ha! ;-)

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