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I’m Baaaaack!

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the March 10th, 2009


Back to blogging, back home from a WONDERFUL vacation! It was very hard to leave Florida after 12 glorious days spent with my family. I am SUCH a homebody and usually a week out of my comfort zone is stretching it for me, but this time I was actually counting how many MORE days I had in the Sunshine state.  Braeden and I enjoyed a couple warm days of relaxation before my sister came in from Canada bringing the cooler weather with her.  It just so happened that we spent the 3 coldest days at a resort on the beach.  We didn’t actually get to enjoy the beach, but we enjoyed each other’s company much more than any beach could provide.  We spent a day shopping (not me though, I didn’t break my lent- my sister was so sweet and bought me a few things and Braeden LOTS-belated Birthday presents).  We spent another day at a Detroit Tigers (a family favorite team- that is until I married Mike and was peer-pressured into becoming a traitor and bumping the Phiilies up to #1 spot) spring training game. 

We headed back to The Villages on Tuesday and warm weather, Mike and Mikey joined us.  The rest of the week was spent lounging by the pool, getting a tan (my sister and I both got pretty dark), eating great food either cooked or treated to by my parents (thanks), roasting marshmallows in my Dad’s fire-pit, Braeden mastering riding his bike WITHOUT training wheels, Mikey proving to us that he DOES love the water even more than we thought, has no fear, and is a natural at the whole swimming thing, riding in the golf cart (another favorite of Mikey’s-he would hop up on it all by himself) and most important, enjoying time together as a family.  A family that the more I spend time with as an adult, the more I realize just how much I love and adore and just how loved I am! :) My sister and I weren’t that close growing up.  The almost 5 year age difference was enough to create tension between two sisters.  We were/are very different in a lot of ways yet very similar in a lot of ways, AND have lived apart for 15 years (since 1994 when we moved to the US and my sister stayed behind to begin pursuing her Canadian law degree- and is now a very successful, well liked attorney). Because of the distance and conflicting school/work schedules, we are only able to see each other about once a year (I think between the last visit and last weeks, was the longest).  The more I see her, the closer we get and the more I realize how much I miss not having my big sister near me daily.  The amount of love and attention and adoration she showed Braeden last week melted my heart (he slept with her, rode with her, swam with her, sat next to her, the entire trip).  She loves Mikey just as much, but he is at a stage of not allowing anyone but Mama and Daddy (and Mike’s Mom since she is his caregiver while we work) near him.  Oh how I love her and am so thankful for our friendship that keeps getting stronger and stronger.  :)




OK, enough sappy stuff (we couldn’t even say goodbye because we get too sad). The week concluded with an AMAZING day spent at a Phillies/Tigers game in Clearwater, FL.  It was sunny, 85 degrees and truly one of the best days I’ve ever spent with my husband and kids.  It was actually my Mom’s Birthday too and sadly she wasn’t able to join us because she had t0 show a house.  To see many of our favorite baseball players that we watched on TV win the World Series a few months ago, was incredible!  The game was SOLD OUT and the fans were great.  It was almost hard to believe it was just a spring training game. Mikey did great too, once he discovered his own little space on the isle/stairs next to our seats.  SO MUCH FUN!




So yes, as sad as it is, we are all back to reality this week FULL SWING.  We are moving on Thursday and that in-itself is so much work.  We are only moving a mile away, which actually makes it harder because there is not much that can be done before the actual moving day.  We have not sold our house, but found perfect renters who agreed to a 2-year lease.  We decided to take the house off the market, hoping 2 years will make a positive difference in the current state of the economy.  We are downsizing too, but going on pure faith that it is very temporary.  The whole reason for the move was in hopes that Mike’s potential new job will pan out SOON!  PRAY PRAY PRAY! Its not so bad really, the apartments are brand new and gorgeous. They have a pool and hot tub that resembles a resort, a great fitness center and even a free tanning bed. With the discovery of Mikey’s addiction to water, its a good thing we have access to a pool this summer.  And then there is the recent talk of a possible family trip (to include my parents, sister, brother and brother-in-law) this Christmas to HAWAII that keeps my spirits up after the sad goodbyes-that we didn’t say :)



OH, I have to include a picture of my Dad…..This is what happens when an Empty-Nester has his 2 daughters, son-in-law and 2 grandsons visit at the same time!


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  1. on March 12th, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    What a great time! Seems like it was the perfect trip. I’m jealous of the resort time and roasting marshmallows.
    Looks like the boys had blast. You look FABULOUS by the way. ;-)

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