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Christmas 2008

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the December 28th, 2008


Perfect example of how DIFFERENT these two are.  I have one boy who has always been a GREAT picture-taker and very compliant and one who not only rarely smiles for pictures, but sometimes flat out refuses! :)

Christmas was so much fun with the boys.  We went to Christmas Eve service at church and it was amazing as usual.  We started out with both boys in the church with us rather than their classrooms.  Braeden’s class was not open and Mikey doesn’t usually allow us to leave him anyway, AND I wanted my two precious guys with me anyway.  Mikey was not so cooperative though and we ended up having to take him to his class about 10 minutes into the service.  He lasted about 30 minutes in his class before they paged us.  Service was almost over anyway.  He did good sitting with us after I got him from his class until we started singing Silent Night- Our church turns out all the lights during this song and everyone holds a lit candle.  This freaked Mikey out.  So, during the calmest moment of service, Mikey starts screaming.  Mikes Mom ran out with him.  Ah, such is life with a toddler.


We went back to Mike’s Mom’s house for pizza before heading home to bed.  When we got home, Braeden and I were trying to “track” Santa on the computer.  It was about 9pm and Braeden was curious if Santa was close to our house.  The fridge made a loud noise (I think it was the ice maker) and Braeden said, “Mama, Santa is here!!!!!” and buried his head in the couch.  He knows if he is awake when Santa gets here or if he “see’s” him, he will not get presents.  He was shaking and almost cried.  I told him it would take Santa awhile to get out of his sleigh anyway and that we’d better hurry and hop in bed.  He ran to his bed, his hands covering his eyes the whole way!  He went RIGHT to sleep.  Too cute!

Christmas Day was a hit and the boys made out well.  Braeden loved the Playstation 3 from his 2 Dads(although I am not sure Mike will give him a turn :) Santa brought him a Phillies hat and Mommy and Daddy gave him the matching World Series Champions jersey.  He was so happy with everything and truly needs NOTHING for the next 5 Christmas’s.


Mikey didn’t know what to think of the whole experience.  As soon as he and Braeden walked in the living room, he ran straight to his new set of wheels (gift from my parents and Mike’s) despite all that was in his path.  He still wanted the milk he always has first thing in the morning, but didn’t want to get out of his car.  Here he is “drinking and driving!”


He really didn’t pay much attention to HIS gifts, but sure was interested in everything Braeden got. Among his favorites are the controller for the Playstation 3, drum sticks for the Rockband and Braeden’s new football.  It was very sweet watching him look around, overwhelmed, not knowing what to make of the whole thing, yet loving every minute of it.

After we all had enough excitement and gifts to last a year, we got to do it all over again at Mike’s Mom’s who ALWAYS outdoes herself.  She is so generous and always makes every one of us feel so special.  She cooked a delicious meal and everyone ate way too much. I took more pictures at her house, but I can’t find the cord to upload them onto my computer, (I uploaded the ones from our house- the ones on this blog, before we left for her house) so I will have to save those pictures for another entry.  We brought Mikey’s Little Tykes car that my sister got him over to Mike’s Mom’s and let him open it there (since we will probably keep it at her house so he has something fun to do during the day when she watches him).  He took one look at it and like the Power Wheels, ran right to it, opened the door and hopped in.  He reminds me of Fred Flinstone when in it because there is no floor and you can see his little feet.  Funny thing is, he lifts his feet and wants to be pushed around in it.  Once again, Aunt Lisa’s gift was his favorite! 

We hope your day was as special and fun as ours.  We appreciate everything everyone did for our family to make Christmas 2008 a success! 

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  1. on December 30th, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    Looks like both boys had a GREAT Christmas! Love you guys!

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