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Back in business…..

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the December 20th, 2008

My computer has actually been fixed for almost 2 weeks and my new blackberry came the Monday after I dropped the old one in water, but even more than usual (naturally with the holidays) things have been so busy, but a really good busy. My parents came in town last weekend and we had a lot of fun with them.  We went to California Dreaming for dinner, had a great table over looking the water and Mikey was exceptionally well behaved.  As a matter of fact, we’ve entered a new era with him. More on that later, but he is SO enjoyable to be around lately. He is listening so well, eating so good and is so much fun.  After dinner, we went to James Island County park to see the lights.  This will ALWAYS be a special place for Mike and I since we were married there.  I LOVE Christmas and they do such a great job.  Braeden and Harley rode behind us with my parents and Mikey, Mike and I rode together.  Mikey actually drove most of the way-



“I think I will let Daddy drive home and catch some z’s!”

It was the cutest and funniest thing.  Mike actually had to stop Mikey from turning the wheel too hard.  He would “drive” and then scream out the window “HARLEY!” and then go back to “driving” over and over.  He could care less about the lights, but was ecstatic that he was actually able to drive Daddy’s car while it was moving.  Braeden and Harley enjoyed hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows.  It was a cold night, so it really felt like Christmastime.  This week it has been in the high 70’s every day and has NOT felt like Christmastime.  It is supposed to cool down this week though. One thing I miss about living in Canada is having a true COLD/SNOWY Christmas.  Even if it didn’t snow ON Christmas, there was always snow on the ground and we would go skating or sledding after opening gifts and eating.  My sister has never lived anywhere else and is actually feeling the opposite and ready for a warm Christmas.  She and her husband are heading to a resort in Cuba for Christmas. Her husband’s sister is married to a man from Cuba.  I sure am jealous about her vacation.  No vacation for me for awhile…..the day after Christmas, Holly and her husband are heading Duck Hunting for 5 days, so I will be working nonstop for those 5 days.  I still can’t quite believe that Christmas is in 5 days!  I was finally able to wrap all the presents last night after Mikey went to sleep.  What a chore……I used to think it was fun, but I think that was when I would do a few at a time.  Braeden and Mikey are 2 of the luckiest boys……they are also 2 of the most spoiled (but thankfully not rotten).  They have so much family including an aunt and uncle (my brother and sister) who have no kids, SO this is a major benefit for Mikey and Braeden! :) Thank you Jack and Lisa SO much for the very generous gifts you sent the boys.  My sister got Braeden a second wii remote (Harley and Braeden enjoyed it last night) with a game and Mikey the Little Tikes Police car (that has not come in the mail yet) and my parents brought this little chair for Mikey from my brother


It lights up, sings songs, says the alphabet, and Mikey LOVES it.  He mostly loves sitting in the chair and carries it around wherever he wants to sit or he uses it as a step stool to climb.  My brother sent Braeden Rockband for the Playstation 3 that he is getting from Mike and Aaron.  Shh, don’t tell, he doesn’t know about either gift yet.  SO generous of them and my guys are VERY lucky to have such a great aunt and uncle and to be loved by so many people.

Braeden is out of school as of yesterday and he and I are BOTH excited.  I LOVE having him home and being able to spend extra time with him.  Of course Mikey does too.  He is heading to Panama City on Saturday to spend time with Aaron and his family, but I will be working almost the whole time he is gone and I know he will have much more fun with them than at work with me.


Braeden roasting marshmallows

Not sure if I mentioned in a previous blog that Braeden lost one of his front teeth.  So far he has lost 3 (2 on the bottom and one up top).  I can’t help but laugh every time I see him smile because he just looks so goofy, but so darn cute.


On to Mikey, OH how good God is to Mike and I!  He has helped us through the past few “tough” months with Mikey and has brought such peace into our house as Mikey has grown.  At almost 19 months, Mikey is doing SO much better with everything.  He is still busy as can be, but he is no longer as mischievous- curious yes, but not into doing the things he knows he is not supposed to.  He will actually say “NO NO” and point at something he is not allowed to touch.  When he finds something he knows is not his, he will bring it to us and say, “tan to” (thank you) and hand it over.  If he is doing something we don’t want him to do (like the screaming for no reason he is doing now) all we have to do it threaten time-out and he will stop.  If he does get a hold of something he knows is off limits, all we have to do is look at him and he says, “back” as in put it back and then he puts it back.  I am now even able to threaten time-out when he doesn’t want to eat, AND, it WORKS!  See, this kid does not like to be isolated so when we put him in time-out, even for the couple minutes that time-out intails, it is TORTURE for him so he is learning how to avoid it.  It’s actually been awhile since we’ve had to do more than threaten. He doesn’t like getting in trouble.  When we yell, “Mikey!” or “NO!” for some reason he points to his hand and says “boo boo.” At first I thought it was because we used to tap his hand if did something naughty, but now we have realized he is looking for sympathy and thinks if he has a boo boo then he won’t get into trouble for whatever he was doing.  He is so smart and it’s a little scary that he knows how to (try) and manipulate us already. No more temper tantrums either!  I guess he realized that us ignoring him wasn’t fun and he never did get what he wanted, so why bother. He is talking up a storm.  I swear it seems he says a new word daily.  The “ba ball” that he would say for baseball has already turned into a word that sounds almost exactly like baseball, maybe a little closer to “bay ball” but a lot clearer.  He says, “dude” thanks to Braeden and Harley and understands the concept of on and off and frequently tells us when he wants new shoes on his feet.  He LOVES the rain boots we got him as well as the Santa slippers and wants to wear the slippers to bed.  He also loves saying “bye bye” to anyone.  We were in Walmart the other day and he kept saying “bye bye” to this man standing near us while we were checking out.  He wouldn’t stop until the man acknowledged him.  Oh he is just sweet as pie.  He is still sleeping from 6pm-6am, and goes NON-STOP the whole time he is awake other than the 1.5 hr nap he takes daily. He also LOVES the Wiggles and starts dancing if the Wiggles are even mentioned.  I think this is hilarious because Braeden was obsessed with the Wiggles when he was Mikey’s age. Speaking of manipulative, check out Mikey’s shirt


It says, “My brother is the naughty one.” Poor Braeden actually got upset before he realized it was a joke.  :)

So, after 28 Christmas’s I FINALLY got a Nativity set- :)


Mikey doesn’t allow it to stay together long, but I guess that’s what happens when you buy a Little People Nativity set. It does deter him away from the wrapped presents that now accompany the set under the tree. 

Have a great weekend!  I hope we all remember the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas.  God is SO good to us every day and I can’t think of a better time to thank him for all I am blessed to have.

I am blessed my parents were here last weekend to take a picture of Mike and I.  We don’t have many together since one of us is usually taking the picture (usually me because I hate being in pictures).


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  1. on December 22nd, 2008 at 10:26 am

    That’s as GREAT pic of you and Mike. I am coveting that green sweater too. You look beautiful. Amazing how big you’re boys look! Merry Christmas!

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