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Who would have thought…..

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the October 27th, 2008

-that the same child who we never thought we’d get to sleep through the night, would actually squirm out of my arms during snuggle/milk time on the couch and actually walk me to his room, point to his bed, say night night and go straight to sleep for the night- AT 6:3o pm! As much as this sounds like a one-time occurrence, it’s not.  Mikey now sleeps from 6:30pm to 6:30 am (later on the weekends)! Its a bittersweet sort of thing.  I have to admit I do love the quiet time in the evening, especially when Mike has a meeting or is working off-duty, but on the days that I work and don’t get the boys from Mike’s Mom until after 4pm, the play and cuddle time is cut pretty short by the time dinner and baths are done. 

-the same child who we can’t get to each much of anything at all throughout the day (he survives on a lot of milk, peanut butter sandwiches, yogurt, nutrigrain bars and baby food (when we can shove it in) would take a step out of his eating comfort zone and eat a good portion of spaghetti! On a food note, we now have Mikey on a very regimented, Dr. recommended feeding schedule.  We have some strict rules which are being implemented at home and at Grandmas (Mike’s Mom promises to abide).  He is no longer allowed to graze and is no longer allowed anything sweet or viewed as a “treat” if he doesn’t at least eat a good amount of what is offered to him at meal time.  He is no longer allowed to throw fits at meal time (which he was doing on a regular basis because he knew it frustrated us enough to give into him and give him the type of food he REALLY wanted-shame on us for creating this bad habit).  If he throws a fit, he goes directly to time out, after time out, he is given one more chance and if he repeats the fit, meal time is over and he simply doesn’t eat until the next meal (no milk either).  THIS is HARD for me.  I know it’s all for the best and I know we will have a breakthrough (eventually), but putting my child to bed knowing he hasn’t eaten is not easy (hence the reason for me giving into his fits).  BUT, the Dr. insists he will survive and that his habits will quickly change.  In so many ways (more than just eating) Mikey wants to have control.  He is also VERY stubborn.  Not sure where he gets that from :) He will realize through the meal-time example that WE (Mama and Daddy) are in control and this will help us (and him) in other areas of his life. He DID find an interest in the communion plate at church-  Mike usually grabs him from the nursery (he has gone 3 weeks in a row now without us being paged to come get him) after the message so he can “dance” with me during worship time.  When worship is over, the pastor says the benediction and gives a blessing. It was during this time when the church was completely quiet (other than the pastor) that Mikey spotted the bread in the communion plate, pointed and loudly said, “Yummy! Yummy!” At least we know he’ll eat bread! :)

-that our 17 month old would be the first of our children to be rushed to the Emergency Room due to injury and not our 6 year old.  Mikey tripped over his foot (next hurdle to tackle is getting his feet looked at by an orthopedic specialist because they both turn in) as he took off down Grandma’s driveway and he face planted.  Mike’s Mom frantically called Mike when she was unable to console him, fearing he had badly hurt his head, (he has fallen many times and usually gets up, brushes it off and carries on).  During the 30 minutes it took from when I left Holly’s house after Mike called, until I met him at the hospital, everything in my world stopped.  Not being able to see for myself that he was OK and be able to hold him in my arms was torture.  I truly believe in my heart that God gives us these moments of non-serious injuries to remind us to SLOW down and enjoy everything and everyone wonderful in our lives because in a moment any of them can be taken away.  Turns out Mikey’s head was fine.  We actually learned something though- apparently there are new studies out  that indicate a child is 25% more likely to develop a brain tumor or brain cancer if they are subjected to radiation at a young age.  The ER Dr.  told us that unless they see 100% evidence of an injury to the brain, they do not run a CT-scan on young children.  Interesting!  So, we were able to breath a sigh of relief that his injuries didn’t warrant a scan.  However, he was bleeding from his mouth quite extensively and was in so much pain (and unable to be consoled) because he almost knocked out both front teeth.  SO, this week we have to take him to a pediatric dentist to be sure he didn’t damage the nerve or root (which can cause the tooth to rot and turn black).  I realize he will loose these teeth eventually, but Braeden didn’t loose his first tooth until he was 6 and I surely don’t want my gorgeous little boy to have a black tooth for the next 4-5 years.  Stay tuned, THIS should be a very interesting visit.  Mikey is very much in tune with what a Dr.’s office looks like and he will protest before we’ve even left the waiting room.  I am not exactly sure how we are going to pull off getting a x-ray of his mouth! Here’s a picture of the wound on his chin.  Neosporin is the BEST.  The fall happened Thursday and he is already almost all healed.


-that the same little boy who plays video games during the majority of his spare time inside (keep reading before you yell at me) would be advanced and at a higher level in every aspect of 1st grade.  We’ve always taken a very laid back approach to parenting (with Braeden) and he has THRIVED on this.  He truly gives us no trouble and there are too many good things to say about him and his behavior to write about. The day I was scheduled to meet Braeden’s teacher for a quick chat and update on how he is progressing, I was a little concerned because we just don’t feel like he needs to be bombarded with “lessons” and “structured afternoons” after spending almost 8 hours a day in that sort of environment at school.  I knew however, that if he wasn’t where he needed to be academically or was having issues in school, that we would need to change things.  I walked away so happy when the teacher told us to continue doing whatever we are doing (which is really not much other than support, love and nurture him).  He has ALWAYS required so little and continues to prove to us that there is no manual that is accurate when it comes to parenting and each child is different.  He is very much a self-motivator and does what he knows he needs to do, without much enforcement.  He is honest and kind! What a breath of fresh air that little guy is.  We know that much of what we DON’T have to worry about with Braeden, we WILL have to worry about with Mikey, so we are enjoying watching Braeden excel at all he does so independently.

-that the SAME team (get a load of this my Canadian family and friends) I cheered AGAINST 15 years ago watching the Blue Jays win their first World Series and the first World Series for a Canadian team, would be the same team I scream at in delight at 1am asthey play THIS World Series.  I didn’t even realize until a week or so ago that the last time the Phillies were in the World Series was in 93 when they lost to the Blue Jays. It was a HUGE deal for our family when the Blue Jays won and watching it all unfold was incredible,BUT, since Mike turned me on to the Phillies a few years ago when we met, watching them play in this World Series is equally exciting, especially since we are one win away from earning the title we lost to the Blue Jays 15 years ago.  Watch tonight- 8:00- they are in Philly and it would be AMAZING to see them win at home.  The fans in Philadelphia are so great and both Mike and Roy are from there. :)

-that I would EVER fit into a size 2 again, WHAT?! That’s right, the size 6 clothes that I was happily able to just fit into this time last year, are now falling off and some of the size 4’s I’ve replaced them with are loose.  It has taken about 6 months of re-training my body and metabolism as well as a high protein diet (South Beach Diet) to get where I am now.  I am still 5-7 (depending on what time of day I weighmyself) pounds away from my goal weight which would also be a weight that I have not been at since before my pregnancy with Braeden.  Hearing my husband (who is not one to compliment if not warranted, but also not one to insult, even if warranted) said the other day, “how much weight have you lost, you look so skinny!” Now I wouldn’t go as far to say that I am skinny, but I am certainly satisfied with the progress.  It makes eating 2 cookies instead of 5 or a tiny piece of cake instead of 2 pieces or a meal bar instead of the pizza I always crave, SO worth it. 

-that Mikey would so quickly loose his fear of balloons and actually obsess over them!  We took the boys to the annual Children’s Day Festival.  Mikey quickly eyed a balloon that a little 10-year old had in his hand.  He walkedup to the boy and tugged at his balloon.  The child’s dad thought it was adorable and made the boy give “the sweet baby” his balloon.  Mikey was ecstatic and enjoyed that balloon more and longer than I’ve seen him (or his limited attention span) enjoy anything. When the balloon popped, (after about 20 minutes of pinching, squeezing and hugging it) Mikey was appalled and in shock.  He got over his disgust when he noticed another (much younger) little girl with a balloon.  The little thief walked up to her and tried to get her balloon.  Her Mom (rightfully so) was not as compliant.  I tried to take Mikey to get a balloon animal made by the clown, but he wouldn’t stand in line.  All the balloons that were attached to other event booths were much more appealing than the clown.  He walked up to booth after booth tugging at the balloons.  Thankfully we stumbled upon an empty booth that still had their balloons attached.  I untied all of them and tied them on Mikey’s pants.  He was completely satisfied and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

Here’s a couple pictures of the boys enjoying the cool weather


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  1. Jenn Klein said,

    on October 28th, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    Sounds like there is much to be happy about! I’m so glad to hear about Mikey is going to bed so easily too. That gives hope for Leah who does seem to be getting better and likes her early bedtimes too. Now if we can just tackle the naps! Let me know if you want to borrow the “Red Balloon” video too!

  2. on October 29th, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    Whoa! To say your boys (ok, Mikey more so) were keeping you on your toes is putting it mildly! So glad he was ok after the fall. I am trying to get use to the falling also. Whenever there is blood my heart starts racing. And the communion “yummy” story…HILARIOUS!

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