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And so it has begun-

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the July 20th, 2008

I took this picture a couple months ago when I bought Mike new tennis shoes and Mikey his first pair.  I thought it would fit today’s entry perfectly!


We are SO proud to announce that Mikey is officially a walker.  3 days short of 14 months old, he (without us enticing him) stood up on his own and started walking.  It’s amazing how much better kids are at doing something when they do it on THEIR terms.  For the past month or so, he would take 2-3 steps anytime he had an audience cheering him on (and only when we stood him up and told him to “walk.”) Well, today he decided he was ready to show us his skills on his own.  Not only did he stand up on his own (from a sitting position and without holding on to anything), but he walked across the room and even turned himself as he was walking to maneuver around things.  Of course when I got the camera out, the little booger wouldn’t continue his performance.  So, Mike and I reverted to our good ole’ faithful form of parenting- Bribery! You can now add “Cookie Monster” to his list of adjectives.  All we needed was the beautiful bright yellow box of Vanilla Wafers to get him moving. He understands many of the words we are saying, “walk” is one of them and “cookie” is another.  “Mikey, you want a cookie? OK, walk!” He performed perfectly for the video and pictures after that.  :) If we weren’t in shape before, we will be very soon chasing him around.  He has shown us from day 1 that once he realizes he can REALLY do something well, there is no stopping him.  He is also SO SO smart.  He knows exactly where the vanilla wafers are at- at our house AND Mike’s parents.  He crawls right to the lower cabinet where Grandma keeps them before even saying hello when we go over to Mike’s parents. He knows exactly where he left his “bunny” aka the one thing we need to go and buy two more of in case he looses this one (his new found love), he knows the sound of a phone and says “hello” anytime he hears ANY phone ring and he looks into the sky whenever he hears an airplane.  Those are just the things I can think of right now- YES, I am bragging :) He has made us so proud today!  There is something so incredibly bittersweet about watching your child walk.  I waited and waited and waited for Braeden to walk (18 months), and when he did it was such an exciting moment.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to feel as much excitement about the same thing again, but once again, Mikey has proven me wrong.  It is SO exciting.  Especially since he is so much smaller than Braeden was and watching my little guy get around on his own is so heartwarming.  Of course, as with everything new my boys begin doing, it is also a sad reminder that they are growing up and needing Mama less and less- I am not even gonna go there because I am too happy today to cry. Braeden was especially excited. He and Mikey have truly been acting like BOYS lately- wrestling and rolling around together.  Now that Mikey can keep up a little better, it will be interesting to see how they react to one another.  A typical sound in our house- Braeden- “Mikey NO!” “Mikey, you can’t touch that!” Mikey that is my toy, go get your toys!” “Mikey I am trying to play the Wii!” “Mikey don’t pull that cord out of the TV!” “DADDY!!!!!” Like I said, it has begun!


To summarize everything else that’s new:

-Braeden repeated something to Mike and I that he “overheard” us talking about in the car and when I asked him how he knew what he had just said, he replied, “I am really sneaky and I hear things when you and Daddy talk!”

-Braeden LOVES his Wii more and more and really it is the best “video game” type toy he could have.  He is practicing math on the Star Wars game (you have to have a certain amount of points to buy certain characters, and rather than just tell him if he has enough points, I make him tell ME by having him figure out if the number of points he has is larger or smaller than the amount of points he needs).  He is also learning ALL the fundamentals and rules of baseball (even more than he learned playing this year) from his Back Yard Baseball game.  Speaking of baseball, we had a lot of fun with Braeden this week watching the Home-run Derby and All-Star game on TV.  He is surprising us with all his Major League Baseball knowledge.  Papa would be proud.  Mike and I are just thrilled that he has gotten so into sports on his own. I think he and Roy bonded over baseball talk while he was in FL (Roy is also a Phillies fan and works for the sports section of his local newspaper).


-Braeden was staring at his toothbrush this morning.  He asked me if I bought him a “smaller” toothbrush.  When I told him No and that it was the same one he he’d been using lately, he said, “Hmm, I guess my hands just got bigger!” :)

-Mikey got stuck  in between the wall and the refrigerator this week.  I will not elaborate much because it was quite traumatic for both Mikey and I.  Especially when I heard him scream, ran to him and could not move him for about ten seconds (each second felt like minutes) and all I could think of was that his brain was being crushed.  By the time Mike came running from the shower wet and naked after he heard me screaming (not sure which was more traumatic- Mikey being stuck or seeing my wet naked husband run through the house :) I had Mikey in my arms.  Mikey didn’t stop crying for awhile and I couldn’t stop shaking.  So far Mikey is up on his brother 2-1 in “Scare Mommy” moments (think back a couple months to the time we thought he was choking on a cracker or a few years ago when I thought I lost Braeden in the mall).

-Our countdown till vacation is down to 6 days!!!!! This time next week we will be in FL and on VACATION FOR A WEEK!  Can’t wait!  I should have lots of interesting things to write about experiencing Disney World with a 14-month old NEW WALKER!


At least he shares the vanilla wafers.

Have a great week!

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  1. on July 21st, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    That is an adorable picture of their tennis shoes. Great moment to capture. Miss you guys!

  2. Nancy said,

    on July 21st, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    I’m sure it was a traumatic moment at the time, but Mikey getting stuck between the wall and refrigerator makes for a hilarious story (after everyone was okay, of course!) Have a great week at Disney…Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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