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Less than a month :(

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the April 30th, 2008

23 days to be exact, but I am still in serious denial.  In 23 SHORT days, my little monkey will be 1 YEAR OLD!!!!! Where did a year go?  Here are some memories that come to mind as I think of each month of the last year.  You can also read any of my previous entries from the last year in the blog archive.

May-Another little miracle entered the world and stole our hearts :)

June- We went on vacation while Mike had a MONTH off.  We had a GREAT time in The Villages with my parents and Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jack got to meet Mikey AND entertain Braeden

July- The 4th of July BBQ that we had at Mike’s parents house

August- Braeden started school and Mikey was so confused as to where his favorite person went all day

September- Our friend Michael came to visit and brought the boys lots of great Eagles gear

October- Mike’s conference in Fort Lauderdale that the boys, my parents and I got to tag along for; Mikey was a little Froggie for his first Halloween

November- Mikey’s dedication; Our trip to Orlando for Thanksgiving-  Braeden and Harley swam in the heated pool, Mike and I relaxed in the hot tub and Mikey, all bundled up, rocked himself to sleep in his carrier next to us; Mikey learned how to sit on his own

December- Mikey and Braeden’s first Christmas together

January- Baby Bennett was born and was a beautiful addition for Robyn, Paul and Austin; Mikey got his first (2) teeth; We finally got a new car

February- Braeden’s fun 6th Birthday party; I was delighted to have 3 gorgeous Valentines

March- Mikey celebrated his first Easter

April- Mikey is officially on the go……

Yup, that’s right, Mikey started crawling today.  While he was with Mike’s Mom on the weekend, he moved a little on his hands and knees, but wasn’t totally “roaming.” Oh what a difference a couple days can make.  Watch out everyone, Mikey is now able to get everywhere on all fours.  He has been pulling up for about a month, but would move backward and sit himself up any time we tried to put him on his hands and knees.  I don’t think the crawling thing will last long though, not because he doesn’t like it, because trust me he LOVES having the ability to go where he wants, when he wants, but because he is SO close to walking……he took 3 steps the other day.  He did left foot, right foot, left foot and then fell into Mike.  He is standing without assistance for longer stretches too…..you know, 5 seconds instead of 1.  BUT, he wants to be walking (with help) constantly.  It’s so funny because although he has mastered pulling up on whatever he can get a hold of, he hasn’t figured out how to bend back down into a sitting position and just falls down.  He laughs when he does it, so he must think its funny and amusing.  Speaking of amusing, he’s also figured out the game of “fetch,” only he is SMART and HE is the thrower, not the fetcher.  This game consists of me giving him one of his favorite toys, him looking at me, smiling, then laughing as he throws it down……repeat, repeat, repeat until Mama is tired.  He doesn’t seem to EVER tire.  He really just wants to be MOVING all the time.  I really want to know where the child gets his energy because he doesn’t sleep (other than the 20 minute cat naps he has reverted back to) during the day.  Back to the whole crawl/walk thing, Braeden didn’t crawl long either.  He started crawling at 17 months 3 weeks, and walked about a week later.  We are SO in for it with Mikey.  Not only is he moving around 7 months earlier than his big brother, but he is MUCH more intrigued and interested in EVERYTHING around him.  I told a friend the other day that we needed to drop the “i” in his name and add “on.” He truly IS a MONKEY and a very curious one.  For one of his Birthday gifts, we got him a big Curious George stuffed Monkey and book collection.  I truly mean it (in a cute, yet also serious way) every time I call him my little Monkey.  I can not take my eye off him for a second.  Braeden never required intense supervision and I am being totally honest when I say that he NEVER EVER got into ANYTHING, EVER!  He never pulled all the books and magazines of the coffee table, never tried to pull the blinds down, never pulled the towels off the rack, never examined the light sockets with his fingers (we have since covered every one), never tried to turn the TV on or off, never took advantage of Mama’s attention being on writing out a card and snuck out of the living room on his Lion and into the bathroom and put his hand in the toilet (OK, so Braeden never had a lion like Mikey), BUT these are all things that Mikey has done in the last week!  He is nosy, curious and demanding!  He is a VERY happy little guy, but he wants HIS way at ALL times.  And when he doesn’t get his way? Oh, he knows how to throw a fit- throwing his whole body back and all.  He also knows what he is doing.  Before he is about to do something he knows is mischievous, he will look up at us.  For the most part when we say “ah ah” (I HATE the word NO!) he stops and moves away.  If we say “ah-ah” and he continues, we tap his hand.  Naturally this hurts his feelings, BUT we know its working because like I said, the next time he tries to go for it, he will look up at us (his little mind remembers that the last time he touched that particular thing he got a hand-tap).  SO SMART ALREADY!  AND SO DARN CUTE AND SWEET!  I am really enjoying this stage.  Yes, we DO hope the stubbornness and neediness he is going through is just a “Phase,” but lately he is keeping us on our toes and providing un-ending entertainment.  He was with Mike’s Mom last Sat night and she called me laughing to tell me that she was trying to get Mikey to sleep by rubbing his head and when she would stop, he would grab her hand and put it back on his head and move it around to get her to start back up again.  :) My favorite new development other than the crawling and almost walking, (as much as I joke, I really DO love the fact that he is crawling and attempting to walk.  Like I said, Braeden was almost 18 months when he crawled and walked, so it is especially cute to see this tiny little fellow moving around) is that for the longest time I’ve been doing “kisses” with him.  I will say, “kisses” and give him a big kiss (puckering noise and all), finally this week, when I say, “kisses” and don’t kiss him, he makes this little puckering noise.  MELTS my heart! He is kissing us back! :) He is also waving too.  He has known “bye-bye” for awhile.  His “bye-bye” is basically him making a fist and opening and closing it.  Now, when we say, “wave Mikey” he actually waves, with both hands, and looks as if he is doing a break dance pushing his hands away from his body, or doing the chicken dance.  Even cuter, when we say, “YAY” about his waving, he claps for himself!  Yes, this year HAS flown by.  So much so……that I officially…..80% regret having my tubes tied.  Had we not have made that choice, I can almost guarantee that we would be trying for another baby.  I knew that I would feel this way, and THAT is why I had my tubes tied.  You all should be glad too because if I was pregnant, my blog entries would be even LESS frequent and very DULL (remember, I started this thing one month before having Mikey- you missed out on all the “yuck.” Pregnancy and I do not mesh) :) My friend Jennifer is having a baby boy in August so I can get my baby fill when need be. 

In other non-baby news, Braeden’s baseball continues to be so exciting.  Friday night I was at the baseball field for 4 hours (Mike was working) and I had more fun than I’ve had on a Friday night in SO long.  Braeden’s game was first and I thought for sure I’d loose my voice after screaming when the umpire made a terrible call.  It was the last out of the game (not Braeden) and the child on Braeden’s team was safe at first base by over a foot, but the ump called him out and we lost the game.  We stranded two runners on base and could have come back and won if the umpire hadn’t made the bad call.  I was SO mad, but then a little embarrassed for yelling so loud.  Fortunately I was surrounded by other parents who themselves were embarrassed for doing the same thing! :) Harley’s game was right after Braeden’s and equally as exciting.  It’s amazing how much these young boys pride themselves at being little athletes.  They try so hard and it is so serious and competitive for them.  Aside from baseball, Braeden should be loosing his first tooth any day now.  He ever so excitedly mentioned one morning last week that he had a “wiggly” tooth.  He has a dentist appointment next week and I REALLY hope it comes out before then because I don’t want the dentist to offer any help.  It will be so much more exciting for him if he has a true “first tooth loss experience!” He wanted to call everyone and tell them about his loose tooth.  I know it will be a BIG deal for him when he actually looses the tooth.  Other than baseball, and wiggly teeth, Braeden is continuing to learn how to ride his bike (hard to work with him on baseball AND riding a bike, but we are trying), and gearing up for a summer filled with travel.  He will be heading to Panama City to stay with Aaron’s family for 3 weeks (the longest he has EVER been gone) the week he gets out of school,  a week in Chicago with Aaron and his soon to be Step-Mother- YIKES that sounds weird (even though we all really really like Nancy) and then Disney World for a week in July.  Somewhere in between, he will attend baseball camp AND spend some good ole quality time with ME!  Last summer he learned how to swim, so I am really excited to see if he picks up right where he left off.

K, Mike has been gone since Monday and wants to snuggle, so……gotta go! Have a GREAT week!

Oh, I almost forgot- Mikey also fed himself finger foods for the first time on Monday.  He LOVES his sweet-potato puffs!


This is what Braeden looked like at 7am this morning!  A hood, sun glasses, two watches on (one on each wrist) and sitting on his “freezing” hands.  He IS his own little person.


Mikey enjoying a beautiful Spring day


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  1. on May 4th, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    Yowza! Mikey has been up to a lot since the last time we saw him. Can’t wait for the b-day shindig. At least we know we’ll see each other then. ;-)

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