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0 for 2, BUT……

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the April 17th, 2008

Braeden was 2 for 2 last night at bat!  I can’t express enough how proud we are of our little man.  Although the team has been slaughtered their first 2 games (15-4 and 15-1), Braeden hit singles down the third base line BOTH at bats last night.  Practicing has really paid off and he looked great out there!  He definitely does not have the coordination or athletic ability that both Mike and I had as kids, BUT he sure does have the team spirit and WILL to do better.  He has so much fun and to me, that counts more.  There is one little guy on his team who is a great player with a lot of skill, but a terrible attitude.  I would much rather be the parent of a kid that gave it his all, was positive and maybe struggled a bit, than the parent of a kid who knew he was great, threw his helmet down when things didn’t go his way, and called out rude remarks to the other team.  It is so great to see the majority of the kids work as a team and really support one another.  I am SO glad that Braeden is playing and it is especially sweet when he does well.  I had to thank God last night each time he hit the ball.  No parent wants their kid to loose or be the “sucky” player.  Trust me, there are a few far worse players than Braeden, but it still hurts your heart when you see them trying so hard yet not seem to grasp it.  That’s kinda how Braeden was the first game, but last night we saw a different boy, a boy that just might be a great athlete!

Lately, our lives have been consumed with baseball.  It suits me fine, but I am realizing its a lot harder juggling it as the parent than it was as the player.  I LOVED playing baseball (softball) growing up.  I would look out the window all day at school to check the weather and would cry when our games got rained out.  I was very competitive.  Mike continues to laugh at me because I REALLY get into the games (I am not the only parent, or the loudest).  The rec center is packed on game nights with a lot of hollering and cheering going on.  There is food at the concessions, and an overall atmosphere that I LOVE.  Last night Mike’s parents, Mike and I were walking back and forth between Harley and Braeden’s games.  Harley is at a much more advanced level and it is a bit more exciting, but we also love watching Braeden and his team and seeing their enthusiasm.  His next game is on Saturday and my parents will be in town to add to the fan club.  I am not sure there is anyone in the world that loves baseball more than my Dad.  He plays on a team where he lives and has played since he was younger than Braeden.  HE was a natural and very talented ball player! So much so that the Detroit Tiger recruits asked him to come train with them.  Who knows what would have happened had he not have been so young and gotten homesick.  I think just being invited to go is an HONOR!  Be proud Dad.  I know your Mom was. 


Here’s a picture of Braeden’s team.  He is in the front row, far right.  The team is 6-8 year olds so he is one of the youngest and shortest.

Now, a little Mikey news.  He is as active as ever.  He does not want to sit still for a minute.  He does not want to sleep either.  Quite a few times this week I’ve gone to check on him after he’d calmed down from screaming in protest to sleep, and found him asleep sitting up, head bobbing and all.  That child is SO stubborn!  He gets it honestly though.  I’m sure my parents have a few stories to share about my own stubbornness- I know Mike does! :) Still not walking, but pulling himself up on anything he can get a grip on.  He continues to strengthen his legs by jumping in his jumperoo and rocking himself in his carrrier (we still get several comments every time we are out and people see his famous rocking).  He has been in a big big boy car seat for a few months, but we use the carrier as a “seat” when we are at a restaurant or when we don’t have the stroller.  I will be so sad to see it go because it has been our “savior” more times than I can count.


Mikey is VERY flexible.  Mama would LOVE to be able to stretch like that. :)

That’s it for now.  Its been a good week.  We are really looking forward to my parents coming this weekend.  We are all gonna work hard to get our yard looking spiffy.  It needs work!

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  1. on April 18th, 2008 at 10:56 am

    I cannot believe he sleeps like that! CRAZY! Way to go Braeden on the hits! Glad you all are doing well!

  2. Heather said,

    on April 19th, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Braeden, I hear you are reading like a 3rd grader! I am so proud of you. You’ll have to read me a story when you come visit this summer. We can’t wait to see you! You look like such a big boy in your baseball uniform! I saved those pictures so I can put them in a frame at our house. We love you so much! Give Mikey a kiss for us too! We just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas. We brought you back a little surprise. I’ll mail it today. :)

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