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Opening Weekend

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the April 14th, 2008

This blog title has more than one meaning.  Two wonderful things happened this weekend.  One being very powerful and meaningful and the other filled with fun and excitment.  I was re-baptized last night at church- “Opening weekend” for the start of a new-found faith and Braeden had his first baseball game- “Opening weekend for a family-favorite sport!”

Since it is so fresh in my mind and has made me feed so wonderful, let me share the Baptism experience first.  The end of last week was quite dissapointing.  The Lord works in ways we don’t always understand.  I believe he has a reason for everything he does and encourages us to see the positive in things that may not be so great.  After sharing my feelings with Mike, he helped me re-focus my thinking, and the dissapointing experience turned into a time of reflection for me.  I was able to see some things that needed to change (within me).  I am so glad that Mike and I are able to communicate and share so well.  The new commitments Mike and I have made have helped us reach a new level in our marriage as well as our friendship.  In my eyes, Mike is perfect, but me…..far from it.  Any issues or struggles we’ve had have been my doing.  Through small talk with God, he lead me to understand that I’ve been very distracted lately by such un-important things.  Last nights service was about regret.  I realized I’ve made choices that have not been in God’s will (just a lot of little things that seem to add up and weigh heavily on my heart) or good for our family.  I haven’t been the strong Christian that I know I am capable of and want to be.  Not only have Mike and I made some decisions for a new road to follow, but I wanted to make a new commitment, a RE-COMMITMENT to get back on the right-track and re-focus my energy and heart on the things that truly matter are are truly important and meaningful in life.  Although I’ve been Baptised in the past (as a baby in the Catholic church and about 4 years ago when I decided I wanted my life to go down a different path than the one I had been on), I don’t think I have ever been truly willing to do it ALL God’s way until last night.  It feels SO GOOD!  I’ve always been very impatient, wanting to do everything NOW.  The saying, “Seek thee first the kingdom of God and he will then provide all you need” is the most important focus for Mike and I right now.  We know that everything else we (think we) need and want will come according to GOD’s schedule for us.  Mike was right there supporting me last night and Braeden was so amazed when I shared with him afterward what had happened.  I do not know how or why I’ve been blessed with such a wonderful man who through it all loves, supports, defends, understands and is so patient UNCONDITIONALLY.  My life simply would not be what it is nor would I be half as good at attempting to be who I want to be, without him.  Whew, that was INTENSE!  Let me make this blog a little “lighter” by sharing with you Braeden’s response to me explaining what Baptism means-                     

Me- “Baptism is when you make a commitment to have the Lord in your heart always.  When you go under the water, you are giving away your old life and your sin’s, when you come up you are starting a new life with God and all your sins have been forgiven if you truly are sorry in your heart!   

Braeden-” Aww man, so if I get Baptised I have to start kindergarten and school all over again?” :)       

On to the FUN part of our weekend- It was opening day for baseball season in Charleston.  The weather could not have been more beautiful and the day itself was awesome!  We arrived at the field early in the morning for team introductions, pictures, prayer for a fun and safe upcoming season and the singing of the National Anthem.  I didn’t make it past the National Anthem without tearing up.  Fortunately Mikey was able to turn those tears (happy ones) into a smile and laughter when he started clapping along with everyone else at the conclusion of the National Anthem.  So sweet.  The game itself was a loss, (15-5) and Braeden struck out both at bats, but the day was a total WIN!  Braeden had so much fun and he DID make contact with the ball once (it just went foul).  He chased a ball that was hit outfield faster than I knew his skinny little legs could carry him.  His first at bat made me particularly emotional.  Not only did it show me yet again how big he has gotten, it also reminded me how much he still needs me-he was a little confused where to stand when hitting and called out to me in the stands, “Right here Mama?” We were all (Mike’s parents, Mike and I) so proud that he tried so hard and had so much fun despite the fact that he is still learning.  The coach is great.  She is so encouraging yet also expects them to give it their all, play as a team and work hard.  She added an extra hour to each practice this week and Mike and I plan to work with him a lot outside as well as take him to the batting cages for some extra practice.  I LOVE baseball, so this will be a lot of fun for me.  By the way, I DO take after my Mom and was the loudest most obnoxious (in a postive, enouraging way) parent on our side of the stands.  I know I embarrased Mike.  I just can’t help it! :) Thanks Mom, now I understand!  Here are some pictures from the day.

4.jpg3.jpg21.jpg I was ecstatic when I found out Braeden was #5 (we did not request it either).  My Dad was number 5 and so was I!  I think it was also my sister’s number and I know is both of our favorites.


The swingset is finally finished.  One less thing for you to do this weekend Dad! :) Thanks Rodger and Chris for stepping in when Mike hurt his ankle (which is STILL very swollen and sore). Mikey LOVES his little swing and I know he and Braeden will enjoy it together a lot.


 I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week!

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  1. on April 17th, 2008 at 10:29 am

    What a great decision on the baptism. Hooray for you! What a great model for your family as well. And very cool about the number 5! Riley things it’s VERY cool that Braeden is playing ball as Riley’s daddy (and the rest of us…now) are huge baseball fans.

  2. Lisa said,

    on April 18th, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    So Braeden is now a ball player! That’s awesome – number 5 WAS also my number he is bound to be lucky with that number!

    He looks like he already knows how to hold the bat properly at the plate – great job B!!!

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