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Christmas 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the January 8th, 2012

Christmas this year was so so so so much fun! Mikey was at such a great age and was really excited for Santa to come. Braeden really helped make it exciting for Mikey and watching those two on Christmas morning was so much fun. Sadly, Mike had to work Christmas from 6am-6pm and missed all the present opening. :( We did save their last “big” gift for when Mike got home (see below). As usual, the boys were spoiled by family and friends and received more than they wanted or needed. We are SO thankful to all of you for thinking of all of us and being so generous. Mikey’s gifts consisted of anything related to Cars- either Cars the movie or race cars in general. Braeden gifts consisted of….you guessed it….anything BASEBALL and/or Phillies! More than any of the “material” gifts we received, we were so thankful that Nana came to spend the holidays with us. She flew in on Christmas Eve from Panama City and stayed until New Years Eve. We enjoyed celebrating Christmas with her and showing her around NOVA (Northern VA) and the DC area this year. Thank you Penny for all of the meals and snacks you made for us and for blessing us with your presence. We miss you already and look forward to the next visit. Mike’s Mom and aunt came in the Friday after Christmas and stayed until Monday. We had Christmas all over again. Talk about blessed!

Here are a few pictures-

Nana and the boys before we headed to church on Christmas Eve-

Trying out a new church on Christmas Eve proved to be the best Christmas present I received this year. Shamefully, I have been stubborn since we’ve moved to VA and convinced myself that NO church would be as wonderful as Seacoast Church (the church we attended and LOVED in SC) so I just didn’t go at all. How SINFUL and selfish of me. The boys even repeatedly asked me, “Mommy, when are we going to go to church again?” God was always tugging at my heart and trust me, I too always felt as if something BIG was missing in my life, but it seemed so easy to just use baseball and housework and errandsnkeeping us busy on the weekends as excuses. Well, NO MORE! While it shouldn’t matter where I worship a Lord who continues to knock my socks off with blessings, it IS so much more motivating and comfortable to be able to pour your heart out in a place you feel at home, enjoy, have fun and actually want to spend 2 hours at. Add to that, the fact that the boys LOVE their own little church classroom and you have a recipe that equals NO MORE EXCUSES! The church building is brand new and GORGEOUS! It is run almost IDENTICAL to Seacoast. It is just a little smaller. The pastor is laid back, funny, encouraging and a wonderful teacher. I honestly do not know how I survived the past year and a half without church in my life. Every time I go, I feel fulfilled and HAPPY! Thank you God for yet another blessing. :) Oh, AND, they have a Sat night service. We all know I am not a morning person and with Braeden’s travel team games taking up most of the day on Sunday, Sat night is OH SO PERFECT for us. ;)

Back to the pictures…..

Mikey chose his gift from Mike’s Mom to open on Christmas Eve. Turns out it was his favorite gift of all. It’s a 6-lane, 6 foot long Hotwheels race track-

They also each opened a gift from Nana- new down pillows. Braeden has always said that Nana’s pillow is the BEST pillow he has ever slept on. She bought all her grandkids the same kind of pillow for Christmas. The boys LOVED them. What a great, practical gift….I may or may not have stolen Mikey’s-

Putting cookies and milk out for Santa. I am not sure why their shirts are off-

After the boys went to bed, SANTA came!-

After all those gifts were tore open on Christmas morning….LOVE the expression on the boys faces-

Here are the letter’s Santa left for them (as he does every year)-

After we’d eaten dinner (SO delicous courtesy of Nana), Mike gave the boys these-

They were a bit confused at first, but then we confirmed their thoughts and HOPES….we are going to DISNEY WORLD! March 2-9 :) I wonder who is the MOST excited. The countdown has begun……

This was Mike’s favorite present. Haha, JK! It took him almost 2 weeks to put it together for the boys. It is a marble racing contraption-

We hope all of you had a very special Christmas and wish you a safe, happy, healthy 2012!

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