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Cut and paste the link below to see more about ICE at Gaylord National Harbor


We had such a fun day day at ICE festival Gaylord National Harbor. Basically, you are given these big blue WARM coats to wear before you enter a huge area that is about 7 degrees and filled with characters from the movie Merry Madagascar that are carved out of ICE! They also had slides that were made of ice. Keep in mind when viewing the pictures below that EVERYTHING you see (except for the floor and my kids) is made of ICE! It was totally cool.

Before we got our coats, we watched a short little clip of the movie Merry Madagascar and then a video explaining how the sculptures were made. They flew in the ice and the artists who sculpted them from China!

Mikey and Daddy watching the video-

Boys with their coats on in the ICE room standing in front of Santa (made of ice)-

Some of the characters from the movie (made of ice)-

Ice sculpted penguins and my two little penguins-

AMAZING! The time and detail that must have gone into creating this-

Another incredible one-

More sculptures of the characters-

This is my favorite. The boys are FREEZING while standing in front of a fireplace made of ICE!

Slides made of ice. The boys had SO much fun going down them-

So did Mike. I went down too and it was fast!

LOVE this one too-

Boys with the Lion from Madagascar-

Island scene from the movie-

Hippo from movie-

Nativity Scene. You can see one of the sculpters in the background-


Since we didn’t send Christmas cards this year, this can be it! :) YEP, the wreath is made of ice too-

Meet and Greet with the penguin characters-

Mikey spotted a train as we were getting hot chocolate-

It was such a nice day (60’s) that we decided to walk around National Harbor (a waterfront shopping and dining area) and have lunch-

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