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This time I THANK Facebook, not blame it

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the November 3rd, 2011

I know there are things I wanted to blog about, cute things the boys have done or said, or cute pictures I want to share, but draw a blank every time I go to type a blog. I went back and reviewed my Facebook entries and BINGO! I upload a lot of pictures directly from my phone onto Facebook so I don’t have them on my computer to use when posting a blog…..unless……I do another Facebook recap and copy and paste the pictures. I will try and do better with posting on here when I post on Facebook so the entries are more recent (and not as long). Anyway, thanks Facebook for storing my thoughts so well. :)

Today- “God is SO amazingly GOOD and really does reward for doing the right thing. He continues to knock my socks off with the blessings he brings my way. I am very thankful.”

I wrote this because (among other things) initially Braeden’s end of season baseball tournament was supposed to be an hour away this weekend with us having to be at the field at 7:30am. Mike is working so I would have to do the driving alone both Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to reserve a hotel, but decided to be frugal and tough it out. I received an e-mail this morning that tournament was moved to fields that are 10 minutes from our house. :)

October 30- “After sleet and snow yesterday we are back at the ball fields for the last regular season game. Go Bulls!”

October 29- “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! In VA, in October, before Halloween, it is SNOWING! We are in for a BrUtal winter.”

October 27- “You know you LOVE baseball when neither team playing in the World Series is a “favorite” yet you are still wide awake at midnight unable to turn the game off until it’s over!”

It was midnight and I was up watching the Cardinals vs. Rangers game 6- BEST game of baseball I think I have ever seen.

October 27- “So, even Superman falls down. Mike fainted last night at work then drove himself to the ER (as opposed to listening to his sergeant and lieutenant who insisted they drive him). Diagnosis? Pneumonia! :(

Mike is feeling MUCH better now. Yay!

October 26- “I am TOTALLY frustrated. I am in week two with running. My lungs and body feel great and I can run further and further each time, but as I expected (since it happens every time I try to start running again, and thus why I always quit) my knees have given up. I can barely walk today without serious pain. Any ideas, suggestions? I really don’t want to stop, but there is no way I can keep running with my knees like this.”

I went to the Dr. today actually and he gave me some exercises to do to improve my knee cap. Everything he said made sense, just a little hard to recap. Long story short, I must have injured my knees a long time ago and the only way to “heal” them is to do strengthening exercises.

October 23- “Drove 1 hour to Braeden’s games today and it was worth every minute. The scenery was breathtaking. Have I mentioned that I’m falling in love with VA and that I love love love Fall?”

October 21- “This is the part of baseball I don’t love so much! Fat lip, cheek hit so hard you can see the baseball imprint in his swollen cheek! :(

For the record, he was back out on the field and practicing within about 10 minutes. He ended up with a pretty bad black eye (from the blood vessels bursting), but he was TOUGH!

October 21- “Thanks to the movie Zookeeper and my accessibility to music via I-tunes, my 4 year old is obsessed with the song “Low” by flo-rida. Thank goodness for edited versions!”

Depending on how long it takes with red lights and traffic, we continue to listen to this song at least twice to and from preschool each day AND it MUST be played as loud as possible.

October 20- “I came upstairs to go to bed and this is what I saw- PRICELESS!”

October 20- “Anyone out there wondering if God exists……here’s my testament. I prayed for positive change, and in 4 days I’ve cooked twice (actually using the stove and not microwave) and I’ve ran 3 times. exercise and cooking are the two things I hate most and I have not done either in over 5 years!!!! That’s GOTTA be God cuz that motivation sure doesn’t come from me. I haven’t been this happy in a LONG time!”

So the running is put on hold while I do the strengthening exercises to help the knee cap and the cooking……well……it’s just not for me.

October 17- “I bought my running shoes 10 months ago! Ran for the FIRST time today. Felt SO good. What motivated me? Watching Braeden stretch like a gymnast on 1st base yesterday and seeing the movie Footloose today! Whatever works! Yay me! :)

October 16- “Top of the last inning, we are down by 2. We score two runs to tie the game. B is up to bat with 2 outs and a runner on third. He WACKS the ball to drive in the winning run! :) Bottom of the last inning we get em’ out 3 up 3 down! Way to go B and Haymarket BULLS!!!!”

October 15- “Braeden heard something on TV about following your dreams and said, “My dream is to play MLB baseball.” Mikey walks into the room and says, “Oh ya, well MY dream is to play T-Ball!” :)

October 14- “For a kid that can’t tell time yet, one watch just isn’t enough.”

October 8- “What a better world it would be if everyone saw the movie Courageous and really took it to heart!”

GREAT movie- check it out!

October 7- “Every night this week I have been up late watching baseball (way to go Tigers!) and when I’ve checked on Mikey before heading to bed, he’s stripped down to his underwear. When I ask him in the morning why he took his pajamas off, he’ll say, “because I wanna be a MAN like Daddy!” (Mike sleeps in boxers thankfully) ;)

October 3- “LOVE my sister! Just spent the last 8 hours watching baseball “together” via bb messenger- she lives in Canada. First we cheered on her # 1 team (my second favorite) the Tigers and then the Phillies (her second favorite). At least we got one win out of it though sadly not from the Phillies. It’s OK, Braeden’s team won both games in their double header today! I.LOVE.BASEBALL!!!!”

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