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Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the November 2nd, 2007


We had a GREAT Halloween.  Anything beats last year when my Dad had to take Braeden out because Mike had to work and I was still too sick with morning sickness.  My what a difference a year makes!  Mike and I and the boys had a lot of fun.  We went trick-or-treating with some friends of ours and their 2 precious little girls (ages 3 and 4).  They live in the same neighborhood as us, but in a newer section with bigger houses, so we decided to go there.  For a brief moment I was sad that I will not have any little girls to dress like Cinderella or Snow White (their costumes), but as I watched their Mom try and get their hair just right, fluff their dresses for the 10th time, and make sure they didn’t get the pizza we ate before-hand on themselves, I remembered why I am SO happy I have boys!  The kids got a LOT of candy (yes I did hit the stash at 2 a.m. once this week as I predicted I would).  Another bonus to having boys, my 2 wanted to be done early (Mikey succumbing to Daddy’s comfy arms and Braeden just feeling he’d had enough).  The girls could have went all night (and I used to want to do the same).  Suddenly having MORE candy is not as enticing as an adult trying to loose 10 pounds as it was when we were kids.  Anyway, here are some more cute pictures.  Have a great weekend!



Mikey is VERY close to being able to sit on his own longer than a few seconds.


For Halloween at school, the kids were not allowed to wear costumes (safety reasons), so they had to dress as a cowboy.  This was the best I could come up with without having to spend a ton of $ on another costume.  Pardon the “curtains” in the back.  I am finally getting some real ones this weekend. :) I had to wait till the couch came to see what would match.

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  1. From; Florida!!! said,

    on November 4th, 2007 at 9:25 am

    Everyone looked like they had a lot of fun, the weather must have been “great” looking at the pictures…Enjoy every moment they will be giving out candy for you before you know it…Remember the Halloweens in Winnipeg when Mr. Yestrau and Dad would hide under the stairs…lot of “Great” Halloweens!!!
    Lots of Love from Florida
    Hey Boys you looked “GREAT”…HOPE YOU HAD FUN!!!!

  2. Lisa said,

    on November 4th, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    Great costumes guys!! At first I thought Mikey was standing already and then I noticed the arm in the picture. He’s getting bigger quick!

    Hope you had fun!!

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