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True or False, that is the question…..

Posted in Braeden,Health,New Baby by sandy on the May 10th, 2007

Today was an overall good day. I am currently in “waiting mode” as to whether or not what I’ve been feeling for the past 6 1/2 hours is in fact true labor. I’ve had pains since about 2 this afternoon that have not subsided, but not gotten worse either. I finally called the Dr. about an hour ago and she said to drink a quart of water, take two Tylenol, and take a bath. If it is false labor, the contractions will go away. If not, they will continue and possibly intensify. Great, seeing as Mike has to leave in 30 minutes for work- until about noon tomorrow. Normally he gets off at 8:00, but has court cases to deal with tomorrow morning. Thank goodness he works in the same city as the Dr.’s office and can meet me there quickly. I’ll keep everyone posted.

I took B to see The Robinson’s movie today. Maybe having to sit through that movie is what psychologically made me feel I was in labor…..it was horrible. I was thinking the whole time, “Please let my water break” so I’d have an excuse to exit the movie without hurting my little guy’s feelings. Nope, we toughed it out. I am a little disappointed in Disney with that one. I could barely understand the story line (and it was animated) much less a 5 year old. I expect more from Disney…..especially since my family has already spent many dollars on that company. Oh well, there is another movie coming out this summer. Hopefully it will be better.

I finally got outside yesterday and cleaned off the patio (all the dried up pollen) and wiped down the rocking chairs. Braeden and I sat out there for a little while. It was so nice out. He doesn’t sit still long…..he just HAS to be a Ninja and practice his “moves” all the time. Here is a picture.


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  1. Jack said,

    on May 11th, 2007 at 12:50 am

    I assume that is a ‘False’?

  2. Mom and Dad said,

    on May 11th, 2007 at 11:38 am

    Hi you guys,
    Sounds like things are starting to get close,or your getting very anxious.That is pretty normal since you have been waiting for so long .I don’t miss the pregnancy part,Igained a lot of a weight and two of you guys were bore after a very hot summer.Just think of it this way you while definetley have the baby before summer!!!YA!!o.k.that doesn’t help with the charley horses,and the trying to roll over,going to the bathroom all day and night,and lets not forget the sore back,OH I almost forgot how about trying to bend over,that was fun too…Well guess what it is getting to the final lap as they say ,since you were one of our ALL-STAR Athletes…the race is all most over and your definitely the winner !!!!”GOOD LUCK” talk to you soon…
    Love from Florida

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