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My latest excuse for not writing……………

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the July 26th, 2011

A blog is not that interesting without kids to write about. :(

While Mike and I are missing the boys SO much, we have enjoyed the past several weeks without responsibility or a 24/7 schedule. I had gotten so behind on EVERYTHING towards the end of the school year with baseball and All-Stars, that it’s been nice to feel caught up and to have had the chance to get AHEAD on some things. While Braeden being gone the majority of the summer is not unusual, we didn’t actually plan on having Mikey gone as long as he has been. He was supposed to have been with Mike’s Mom 2 weeks, then home for 2 and then back to Mike’s Mom’s for 2 more weeks, but we realized it was a lot of back and forth driving and Mikey was having so much fun (much more fun than he would have had at school), that we decided to just let him stay right through. He will be home 2 weeks from today and I am counting down the MINUTES! I miss him SO much. He has done a really great job talking to us on the phone and keeping us updated on all the fun he is having……without us! :( Sure I am sad and miss him so much, but I feel so thankful that Mike’s Mom loves him SO much and is willing to have him for so long. He is being entertained (Ha- more like spoiled) far more with her than he would be here with Mike and I both working all summer.

Braeden is on the last leg of his vacation. He spent a week with my parents, two weeks with Aaron’s family in Panama City and is now in Chicago visiting Aaron and Nancy (which includes a side trip to Lake Tahoe for a wedding) and will be home on Aug 12. HOW DO I GO SO LONG WITHOUT THESE BOYS!!!!!? Honestly, I miss them the most when I talk to them. I know when I see them, I will feel as though I will never let them out of my sight again. The time really does go by fast and the fact that I’ve been doing this since Braeden was 1 year old (sharing him with family members who live out of town) is helpful. It truly is a wonderful feeling to know that our boys are loved and cared about by so many people. To everyone who has played a part in the FUN summer the boys have had (as opposed to daycare and boring summer camps)- THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

So, what have us “empty nesters” been up to? Mike has been working a LOT (what else is new). He has literally been working as many hours OT as he is allowed (56 hours per two-week pay period) and we have been dumping the extra $ (along with the daycare savings- if you don’t go in the summer, you don’t have to pay) into savings. Seeing the account balance rise makes it a little easier when I have moments when I am not sure I can go one more day without seeing my boys. We have been able to catch a few movies and go on a couple dates. My Dad came in last weekend and Mike and I had such a fantastic time with him. We went to the pool every day, put our grill and patio set to use, enjoyed an evening on a Potomac River cruise- Happy Hour Cruise :) and assisted my Dad with yard work. Yes, we assisted HIM. He is such an expert when it comes to yards (he has taken up yard maintenance as his post-retirement job, caring for 10 yards). He had our yard in tip top shape within hours……THANKS DAD!!!! Btw, He drove 13 hours to and from VA for a short 4 day visit……THANKS DAD!!!!

So, 4 weeks behind us and 2 more to go before the boys come home. WE MISS YOU Mikey and Braeden and love you both SO MUCH!!!!