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Enjoying it while we can

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the August 27th, 2010

Water activity that is. The temperature has definitely dropped in VA and I am LOVING it, BUT it also means that Fall is around the corner (good thing it’s my favorite time of year- and it will be especially gorgeous in VA this year) and the pools and water parks will be closing in a couple weeks. I decided to take all 3 kids to a little water park one day this week and it was great! It was only $5.50 per child, the water is only a foot or two deep, AND it had “sliding boards” Mikey’s FAVORITE! I’m actually disappointed that we just now discovered it. It would have been a great place to go all summer. We will be frequent visitors next year for sure.

Here’s Kamryn testing out the water. It was a bit cold-

The Froggie Slide was a HUGE hit-

Mikey waiting his turn-

I LOVE the look on Mikey’s face. He actually looks scared- YA RIGHT, he has NO fear of the water-

“Watch me swim under water Miss Sandy!”-

So, I was a little worried that Braeden would not have much fun at a “kiddie” water park, but I actually think he had the most fun thanks to this cool obstacle course they had for the “BIG kids only”-

“Umm, ya, not the best time for a picture Mom!”-

“I think I can, I think I can!”-

Aw MAN!-

After all that work, he was ready for a break on the Lazy River-

More fun-

The best part about playing in the water and sun? LONG naps :) I had to wake Kamryn up at 5pm after a 3 hour nap.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Mike’s Mom and Aunt are driving up tomorrow to pick up the boys and bring them to SC for the week. It’s the last full week of summer before school and preschool start and I know Mike’s parents have missed the boys terribly. I am not sure who’s more excited, the boys knowing they will be spoiled rotten for a week, or me, having 5 nights (after work) CHILD FREE. I was so spoiled having Mike’s Mom right down the road for so long to help with the boys, these past couple months with NO help have been an adjustment. LOVE my guys like crazy, but I am going to enjoy every quiet, peaceful moment they are gone next week :)

House Pictures

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the August 23rd, 2010

Finally, after 5 months being homeless and 5 weeks spent unpacking, organizing, sorting and decorating, we have a HOME- and one with working AC! :) We found out yesterday that they are giving us a $500 credit on our rent for September for all our troubles. Woo Hoo, even better!

I spent most of Saturday hanging pictures and other decor. Mike was working an extra shift so I took advantage of not having to be quiet while he slept. The mini cordless screw driver we bought (that was less than $10) was well worth the $ and worked great. So, here are the pictures of the house now- look back at the “before” ones to see the difference. It’s all still a work in progress, but we’ll just do what we can when time and $ allow.

Master Bedroom-

Mike and I’s Bathroom-

Everyone has tried out this bathtub but me-

Braeden’s Bedroom-

He has waited since Christmas to hang the two pictures on the wall. One is a collage of Chase Utley that Mike and I gave him and the other is a picture of Citizen’s Bank Park (aka home of the Phillies) that Nana got him-

This is my favorite (all jersey’s he has outgrown). He is so SWEET and wants to please everyone so his little heart is divided when it comes to MLB. He loves the Tigers because all the Deslippe’s (and my sister and her husband) love the Tigers. He loves the White Sox because his Daddy Aaron and all of his Step-Mom’s family love the White Sox and of course he loves the Phillies because he is SMART- Ha Ha, AND because Mike and I and the rest of the family love the Phillies-

Just in case he is ever REALLY conflicted as to who he likes most and if for some reason the Phillies ever go head to head with the White Sox or the Tigers in the play-offs, I hung the Phillies jersey the highest and took a close up of THIS :)

We are hoping this train quilt will help entice Mikey to sleep in his OWN bed ALONE-



Dining Room-

The books in the basket are a collection of mine. They are of various cities I have either lived in, visited, or have family in. The majority are of Charleston, but Nancy and Aaron gave me one of Chicago (Braeden has visited- not me), my brother’s girlfriend gave me one of San Francisco (where they live), one of the Biltmore Estate (where Mike took me for my 30th Birthday), I bought one when we were in DC earlier this month and am still waiting on my sister to find one of Winnipeg (where she lives and where we lived for 8 years). I need to get one of The Villages too- hint, hint Mom and Dad :)

Living Room-


2nd Floor Bath-

First Floor Hall/Entryway-

This is another collection I started. They are little wooden pieces of Charleston, and now Virginia/DC. The ones on the left are of different places in Charleston. The one to the far right is the White House and the one to the left of it is the “Welcome to VA” sign-

First Floor Bath (in entryway/hallway)-

Front Door-

Den on First Floor-

Laundry Area (in Den)-

SO, now that we are settled, what’s next? Mike’s Mom is coming to get the boys this Saturday for a week. School starts the Tuesday after Labor Day (Thursday for Mikey) so they are going to go have one last Hurrah before all that craziness begins. After a long busy summer, I am totally looking forward to the break. Braeden also has baseball tryouts this Saturday and will start practicing and playing in a few weeks. Both boys are with me at Kamryn’s this week and we will try and do a fun outing each day so we don’t all drive each other nuts.

Success and Failure

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the August 19th, 2010

Let’s start with the “Failure”- for ONCE it has nothing to do with me. :) We came home from spending a few days in DC to what was supposed to be the AC being FIXED. Um, ya, NOT SO MUCH! The system was completely replaced last Wed (the day after we got home) and since then/ it took 5 failed attempts before it was finally fixed. We were at our wits end on Tuesday night and after Mike spoke to the property management company yesterday, they agreed to put us into a hotel. We all slept great last night and when Mike went by the house this morning, he said the AC read 68 degrees (it WAS 88 degrees yesterday morning). We are waiting to hear back from the Broker in Charge at the Property Management company as we INSIST on being compensated at least half our rent (for the month of September since we are paid up until then) since we have been dealing with the AC issue since July 15 when we moved in!

SUCCESS= Mikey being COMPLETELY potty trained. Although he’s been pee pee potty trained (without a SINGLE accident to report) for almost a month, he refused to poop on the potty. He hadn’t gone in over 5 days and FINALLY (after I had to threaten- although I had fully intended to- take him to the Dr. because I thought he was compacted from holding it) he POOPED on the potty. He is just SO incredibly stubborn (gee, wonder where he gets that from) and while he knew he couldn’t poop in his pull up and didn’t want to get in trouble he was NOT ready to go on the toilet. It happened for the first time last Wed and he’s been “good to go” haha :) ever since. We are SO SO proud of him. Mike took him to Target the day he first pooped (as we promised we’d do if he pooped on the potty) and he chose this Toy Story 3 Shake N’ Go race track. He LOVES it- we LOVE not having to buy or change diapers. :)

Success= My JOB! I LOVE it. It has worked out so so well. Kamryn is so well behaved and FUN to be around. The other day Mike was off and Mikey stayed with him so Kamryn and I had a girl date. We went to Target and I was actually able to take my time. There was no whining, no crying, no pouting, no complaining- who KNEW 3 year olds like this existed?! We went to lunch at a little Mexican place (her choice) and sat outside. Hard to believe this is what I get PAID to do. On the flip side I DID (without being asked) clean out the fridge at Lori’s house, so we are all benefiting from the situation.

Success= having TWO of the same chairs so 2 preschoolers don’t fight over the one-

They do get along most of the time. Mikey is definitely not as laid back and easy going as Kamryn, but for the most part, their different personalities compliment each other.

Success= getting Braeden all registered for school. After FINALLY getting my hands on all the necessary documents (I had NO CLUE it would require so much paper work to transfer from one state to another), I registered Braeden this morning. He starts THIRD grade in 18 days. He’s a lucky kid because the school he was at in SC started this past Monday. He has been enjoying baseball camp this week. They play ball in the mornings and then swim and play in the gym in the afternoons. Tom Masterson, a former Pittsburgh Pirate headed the camp and is teaching the kids some great techniques.

I am ready for the weekend! Since it was way hot in the house last weekend and most of this week, I didn’t get much of anything accomplished. I fully intend for my next blog entry to be the one with the pictures of the new house. I WILL hang pictures and wall decor this weekend and take pictures to post. :)

Grandma, Papa, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Lorne’s visit

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the August 19th, 2010

We had such a fabulous time while my parents, sister and brother-in-law were in town. My parents came in on Saturday afternoon and after they got settled in at our house, we went to a great little restaurant near us called Bungalow Ale House. It was so nice out that we were able to sit outside. I LOVE VA weather- it may be in the 90’s one day, but the next day it could drop to the low 80’s. I woke up Sunday and found my parents outside doing yard work. I just LOVE how great they are in the yard. My Dad has a major green thumb and even takes care of a few yards in The Villages. My Mom always has neat ideas like moving the stepping stones to a place we actually step and moving some of the rocks from the backyard to our flower beds in the front.

Here they are hard at work-

Our back yard looks SO amazing now. THANK YOU-

My Mom spotted this birds nest under our deck. There were little chicks in it :)

We took a little break and had breakfast at another great little restuarant near us called Mimi’s Cafe. They have AWESOME breakfast food. When Mike woke up, we packed up the car and headed to DC to meet Aunt Lisa and Uncle Lorne. We were all so excited to see them.

The boys are SO lucky to have such a great aunt who ADORES them. She spoils them :) Here’s Mikey in the Winnipeg Blue Bomber shirt aunt Lisa brought him. He wanted to put it on right away-

We all went to dinner in China Town (Fuddruckers) :)

Here’s a picture of all of us. We are just missing Jack :(

On Monday we went to Baltimore. We had a baseball game to go to in the evening and decided to go early so we could walk around the water front in downtown Baltimore. I apologize for SO many pictures, but my sister can not have a Facebook account since she is an attorney and my parents don’t have one, so you may have already seen these on my Facebook page. This is the only way I can share pictures with ALL the family.

They boys always love spotting a fountain-

The especially LOVED this one. I’ve learned to always bring a spare set of clothes for BOTH boys. Poor Braeden was walking around in wet underwear and shorts for hours-

Mike and I took advantage of having someone to take our picture-

We ate lunch at Hardrock Cafe. My sister wanted to go to a Hardrock Cafe in every city to at least buy a shirt (she and Lorne and Lorne’s aunt and uncle are on a 5-week baseball stadium tour and DC was one of their stops)-

Mikey was rockin’ with his shades on while he ate lunch-

After lunch we walked over to the Nation Aquarium. It was really cool. They had a huge open pool with turtles, sting rays and fish. There was a leaf floating in the pool and Mikey said, “Oh NO Daddy that fish is dead” :)

Shark Tank. Braeden said the sharks looked “creepy”-

This is one of my favorite tanks (see my boys and their little hands? We had to keep telling Mikey not to tap on the tanks)-

Mikey wasn’t too fond of the alligator-

But he loved seeing the divers in the tanks-

They even had Flamingos and Parrots out in the open-

Mikey LOVED seeing the “Nemo” fish. I tried to take a picture of the tank, but ALL the kids were crowded around it. Braeden loved the baseball he got with the Aquarium painted on it.

After the Aquarium we headed to the baseball game. The Orioles were playing the White Sox. Braeden’s Daddy Aaron and Step-Mom Nancy live in Chicago and are HUGE White Sox fans so of course Braeden was cheering for them.

Braeden in front of the Babe Ruth Statue-

The boys LOVE Aunt Lisa-

Family Photo op (a rarity)-

We’ve discovered recently that Mikey loves ice cream (anything to fatten him up a bit)-

Braeden smiling even when his team was down-

Mikey tried to help the Sox with a comeback by wearing the Rally Cap (I didn’t know what it was, but Braeden did- turn your hat inside out). It worked too. The White Sox scored runs and the game went into the 10th inning (and then then they lost) :(

Tuesday we went on another Double Decker bus tour. We went on a different bus than the one I went on with my brother’s girlfriend in June and this time we got to see the White House-

Enjoying the tour even though it was HOT!-

After the tour and lunch, Aunt Lisa took the boys into the Spy Museum store and bought them a few things and then we walked to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. It was one of the coolest places I’ve been to. The wax figures look SO real.

A wax figure of Madame Tussaud-

George Washington-

Thomas Jefferson-


Braeden is getting SO tall-


Lisa and MLK, Jr.-

Rosa Parks. B was interested in her glasses and Mikey was a little scared of her old wrinkled hands-


Nixon. This is HILARIOUS-


The Clintons

Another Bush-

Our President and First Lady with Braeden-

Both boys thought this was SO cool-

He’ll either be President-

Or MLB Baseball Player-

An Astronaut wouldn’t be so bad either-

OR, maybe, JUST maybe, the boys will form a famous BOY Band-

I took this picture for you Mom-

Mikey just HAD to have a miniature version of the Double Decker bus (which he referred to as the “Decker” bus)-

Lisa and Mike in front of the Crime and Punishment Museum (it closed right as we got there. It looked really neat so we’ll have to go back)-

After the Wax museum, a short rest and dinner together, it was time to say goodbye (which gets harder and harder each time we visit). :( Braeden stayed with my parents and sister for 2 more nights, but Mike and I had to get home and back to work. We just want to say thank you SO SO much to my parents, sister and brother-in-law for all you did for US while you were here. It was also really nice to meet Lorne’s uncle Ray and Aunt Deb. They are fantastic people and we enjoyed spending a few days getting to know them. We love you ALL and miss you already.

Whew! Now I know why I procrastinated on putting this blog together, it took HOURS!

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