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About that wine…..

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the July 23rd, 2010

If you haven’t read the previous post, read it first.

I WILL be having that bottle of wine tonight. It is quite possible I will have the whole bottle too. Check out these pictures. We’ll call them the “before” pictures so we can remember all the work it took to get to pictures we’ll post when things get organized- aka the “after” pictures.

All I want to know is WHEN, WHY, HOW and WHERE all this stuff came from. I mean it when I say the boys are getting one thing for Christmas this year, I will not buy another article of clothing for a LONG time and we truly NEED nothing at all any time soon (except maybe some prayers that Mike and I get through sorting through and putting all this stuff away without one of us filing for divorce). :)

Braeden’s Room-to-be

Mikey’s Room-to-be

Master Bedroom-to-be

Living Room-to-be


Rec Room-to-be


Mikey has been in HEAVEN because he has toys that he loves, but hasn’t seen in months. I think he played with almost every single one for about a minute each. He was so excited knowing his train table was coming on the moving truck. He was on the lookout every time they men walked in with something. Here he is having his much anticipated reunion with his favorite toy!

K, don’t give up on me, it may be awhile before I post again…..

He goes Pee Pee on the PottAY

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the July 23rd, 2010

OK, so Mike and I are pretty much nuts (not that this is news for most of you). As if this whole moving thing has not provided enough stress and enough to overwhelm us with (especially with the lack of AC), we decided to start potty training in FULL force this week. We want Mikey to start preschool in the fall and have already paid the deposit. In order for him to go to the 3 year old class, he has to be potty trained. We want him to be in with the 3’s so he will be with kids his own age. There is a big difference between 2 and 3 (trust me, we are experiencing and realizing many of these differences now). While he probably IS more at a 2 year old level academically (since he’s never been in school) he has always played better, interacted better and felt more comfortable around kids his own age or older. The 3 year old program also offers more choices in days and times and it’s CHEAPER! So….we are going on day 3 and Mikey has stayed dry 2 full days- peeing on the potty (with Mom and Dad’s reminders) every 30 minutes. We do diapers at night still- some nights he stays completely dry, others he is full to the brim in the morning. We’ve had one poppy since Tuesday and it was in the pull-up :( BUT, he looked very ashamed and knew he was wrong when he told me he had pooped so we’ll see how he does the next time.

Btw, the title of this blog happens to be the lyrics to the song I sing to him over and over with total enthusiasm (picture me dancing and all) every time we are in the bathroom and he is sitting on the toilet. Mikey LOVES it. He also loves when I hold “Bear” to the toilet and pretend he is peeing too. :) Hey, whatever works at this point. Braeden was 3 years and a month when he was totally potty trained (I mean wearing underwear all day and never having an accident- wearing pull ups at night and rarely having an accident). It took me about 2 days to potty train him, but he had been working on it a lot at the daycare he was attending. Mikey is 3 years and 2 months and not doing so bad considering A) he is a boy B) he has never attended school and C) has parents that have been slackers and just felt diapers were easier these past 6 months. Hopefully my next post is that he is all trained. Wish us luck.

Mikey loves our new tub and has been the only one to try it out so far. Bless his sweet heart, he wants to swim so bad, but we’ve just been crazy busy moving in. He loves the tub because it’s big enough that he can swim. Mike is off for the next week (only having to work this Sunday because they were short handed) and I don’t care if we still have stuff lined to the ceilings to be put away, we WILL hit the new pool.

I saw this bottle of wine at Target yesterday and had to get it. First of all, it’s wine and I LOVE wine, second it has a pink cork wrapper- I LOVE pink and third- I am a middle sister (well I am a sister and a middle child) :) Can’t wait to try it out. Heck it may be tonight because as I am typing this, the movers are unloading the truck and there is stuff EVERYWHERE. Maybe the overwhelmed feeling is back?! Nah, I ain’t going back to that.

The kitchen came with this built in wine rack so if anyone feels like sending a house-warming gift, I’ve got 7 more slots to fill (8 if I DO drink that bottle tonight) Haha!

This magnet on our fridge states perfectly how Mike and I feel right now. It has been an incredible journey getting to where we are right now. The past 6 months have had so many ups and downs, but if we can look at each other and feel in our hearts that Life IS Good, then we are very blessed. :)

Whistle While you WORK

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the July 21st, 2010

So, about this whole moving thing…..I HATE it! I am sore, I am tired, I am grumpy and I’m over it! K, got my complaining out of the way. I feel better now. I’ve had a couple meltdowns since last Thursday when we got to the townhouse, but someone has always been able to cheer me up- Peggy, my Mom and Dad, my sister, Mike and even Mikey (“I really love you Mommy). To back track a bit, we hired a few guys to move our stuff from Adrianne’s to the townhouse (about an hour away) last Thursday. Remember, the movers came back in February so we had to keep all the stuff that we would need for 5 months until we could get into our new home (it accumulated and was a lot). The big movers aka United Van Lines was supposed to come last Friday morning. I took one look at the living room that was basically filled from wall to wall with all the stuff the guys had moved in and had meltdown #1. I called United and told them we would have to reschedule. The first they had available was this coming Friday. PERFECT, it’s given me a whole week to really clean “Sandy Style” and put away all the stuff we’d already moved in. So, the past few days have been spent cleaning baseboards, walls, blinds, fans, lining shelves and drawers. I may be an organizer and neat FREAK, OCD and a perfectionist, but this has really NOT been fun. So, why do it you ask? Well, I do not intend to move again for awhile (let’s hope the current homeowners like us enough to continue renting to us until we can sell our house in SC and then possibly sell this place to us) so I thought I would do it right the first time and start fresh. New state, new city, new neighborhood, may as well make the house feel as “new” as we can too. :)

Oh, just so you don’t think my complaining is unwarranted, let me add that Mike has been working through all this (and many over-time shifts too), I’ve had my 3 year old side kick on my heels AND we’ve had a broken AC unit. Thursday and Friday were absolutely horrible- I was pouring sweat trying to get things done. The tech came out Saturday afternoon and discovered the system was broken, non repairable and had to be replaced. He was able to rig it up to where we could have cool air until the new system came in and could be installed. We had to set it to 50 degrees and it hasn’t dropped lower than 70 (which is fine temperature wise, but it means the system is working extra hard and therefore our bill will be outrageous). ****sigh****
and Mikey, oh my sweet Mikey, not sure WHAT his deal is. Is it a 3 year old thing? Is he just confused about what’s going on? Or is he mad because we are so busy and not able to give him 100 percent attention? Who knows, but he has been SASSY, talking back, disobeying and just being a MONSTER most of the time- for ME that is, he listens and is perfect for Mike. Ha! Us Moms are just not gary “scary” enough I guess.

So, some good news? We are making serious progress! The deep cleaning is done, the big projects are done (Mike just cleaned and swept out the garage- last big task), and now, we wait for the movers to get here so we can start putting things away. Also, Mike is off all next week, Braeden comes home in a week and a half (he actually miss us now- YAY), my parents come the first weekend in Aug and my sister and her husband come a few days later. So, a week into all this, I can say we are OK. :)

Here’s Mikey helping Daddy paint the pantry-

Check back for the finished product. :)

Why oh Why we wonder Why Mikey says Why

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the July 13th, 2010

The “Why” phase is in FULL swing in our house. Mikey asks why when we tell him to do something- “Mikey go get your shoes.” WHY? He asks why when it seems an appropriate time to ask- “Mama, why do dogs bark?” but 99% of the time he asks why just randomly to which there is not really an answer- “Mama, that’s a hotel?” I say, “yep” He says, “why?” You get the drift. It’s fun for about half the day. It kinda gets my imagination going and I can give just as funny an answer as what his why question was about. The rest of the day, I want to ask him WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY do you ASK Why????? :)

We finally got word from the Realtor on the house we are renting and it will be ready for us on Thursday- Yep 2 days!!!! We’ve been homeless for 5 months. Don’t get me wrong, we are SO incredibly thankful that we had family and friends to take us in, but we are more than ready to have our own space again. We leave Adrianne’s with all our stuff on Thursday and the movers come on Friday morning. Mike will be working on Thursday and Friday, off Saturday, work Sunday and then he’s off next Monday-Sat. It’s going to be a lot of work, but we are up for the challenge and really looking forward to seeing how our new home all comes together. I think Mikey will be entertained by all the toys he hasn’t seen or played with in months. It will be like Christmas for him. Stay tuned for pictures. I took some pictures of the house when we went to look at it (with the owners things in it), but I will make you wait to see OUR product. :)

Mikey has loved wearing his footie pjs. Since it’s cold in the basement at Adrianne’s (not complaining since it’s MUCH better than the 100 degree heat outside) we pulled out the winter pjs. When he posed for this picture, he said, “I’m a cutie!” Mama sure thinks so!

Speaking of Cutie, I am really REALLY missing my other cutie. Braeden wanted to stay in Panama City longer and since his summer break is extended in VA (school doesn’t start until Sept 8 as opposed to mid August in SC) I figured he’d have more fun in FL than he would here moving, unpacking, etc. Aunt Heather took this great picture of him at the beach and I stole it from her Facebook photos. Thanks Heather. :)

Since our new house is about 45 minutes away from where we are now, we’ve tried to go back to a few of the places we really liked that are over here. We LOVE National Harbor. It’s a little place on the water with shops, restaurants, entertainment, fountains, etc. We went last Saturday night and ate dinner at a great restaurant on the water. There’s these neat little statues that the kids like to climb on and Mikey jumped right into the fun.

We saw the most beautiful sunset. I still love this bridge that takes you from VA to MD-

So, wish us luck moving. :)

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