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No More School No More Books…..

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the May 31st, 2010

It’s officially summer for Braeden! We met Mike’s Mom, Aunt and Braeden in Virginia Beach on Friday and I was so happy to have Braeden back with us. We’ve missed him so much. I think it’s been an emotional couple weeks for him. He mentioned crying as he said good-bye to his teacher. WOW! That says a lot about the kind of teacher he had. Most kids kick up their heels and curse the teacher on their way out the door on their last day of school. I don’t blame Braeden for being so emotional and not just because I am the same way, but because his teacher was THE VERY BEST. He is someone none of us will ever forget and someone we will always keep in touch with. He is simply a fantastic guy. Mike and I got a chance to get to know him well since he attended many of Braeden’s baseball games. He’s someone we now consider a friend. We can only hope for someone half as good as Braeden enters THIRD grade, especially in a new city and new school.

Here is a letter from Braeden’s teacher to all the parents. He also wrote an individual note to each student and gave them a CD with pictures from the school year. He is such a special guy. [Click on the letter to view it smaller]-


We are SO incredibly proud of the year Braeden had. He excelled academically and simply amazes us with his intelligence. Here is a letter from the school district informing us that Braeden made it into GATE- a special program for kids who are advanced academically. He tested a couple months ago and we just found out last week that he made it in. :) [Click on the letter to view it smaller].


This is the look Braeden “surprised” us with after getting out of the shower tonight. I thought it was pretty fitting as I talk about his intelligence…..didn’t Einstein have hair like this?-


Here are a couple pictures from VA Beach. It was really crowded so we sorta just relaxed and didn’t do a whole lot. Mikey wanted to spend time with Mom Mom and TT so she they took both boys to Chuckee Cheese and Mike and I just rode around. We met up with Mike’s other Aunt (who lives in Virginia Beach) and her husband for dinner- LOVE those 2!

Mikey laughed hysterically as we drove through the tunnel to Virginia Beach-


The view from our 4th floor hotel room-


Can you tell it’s been a long couple weeks for this sweet boy? He fell asleep playing his DSi. The pen is still in playing mode. :)


Braeden went down this slide twice. What happened to the little boy that refused to go down any slide?


SO, we’ve also come to the conclusion that yes, we love Mike’s Mom and TT, BUT we will never again share a hotel room with them. They both snore louder than we’ve ever heard. The room was supposed to have a pull out sofa sleeper, but of course didn’t. Since we didn’t get any sleep Friday night, Mike moved the mattress into the “living room” and we sleep GREAT Saturday night.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Braeden and Isaiah (Adrianne’s 10 year old son) have really taken to each other well and play great with each other. Both LOVE video games so they are MADE to be buddies.

Happy 3rd Birthday Mikey

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the May 24th, 2010

My 23, 2007- Michael, Jr. (aka “Mikey” “Mikey-Mike” “Bubby” “Bubbado”) was born- 7lbs, 7oz PERFECT, healthy, beautiful and a little boy that we would soon find out would always keep us on our toes.



Now- (his shirt says it all. What an awesome gift from Sayelor and family)


Mikey had a great 3rd Birthday. He had gotten so many gifts from so many people over the past month that he actually only had one to open on his Birthday (Adrianne and Isaiah gave him a Handy Manny play phone, Target gift card and a ball toss toy)-


He enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast; we took him to see Shrek the 3rd and then we sang “Happy Birthday” before digging into the HUGE delicious cupcake that Adrianne made-




SO, he turned 3 and by the end of the day he told me, “I need a wife!” Not sure WHERE he came up with that, but I thought it was funny how he turns a year older (which always make my heart ache a little) and talks about needing a “WIFE”???? :) At least he is giving me a LONG time to get used to the idea. Ha Ha

It’s been a week already?

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the May 21st, 2010

WOW! We’ve been in Virginia a week already. I hope this next week goes by just as fast because Braeden will join us next Friday. Mike, Mikey and I are leaving for VA Beach next Friday after Mike gets home from work. Mike’s Mom has a sister there so we’re going to meet her, Mike’s aunt and Braeden for a weekend at the beach. It has been so tough not having Braeden here. We’ve gone longer stretches without seeing him (and on June 12 he heads to Panama City to spend a month with his grandparents), but moving up here WITHOUT him just makes us feel like something is missing (well ya, HE is missing). Braeden had some big news this week and I hated not being able to scoop him up in a big hug when I told him. I received a message on Wednesday night from his baseball coach that made me feel both heart warmed and heartbroken. He made the All-Star team for his baseball league. Braeden has truly worked so hard these past 3 years playing ball, every year improving not only in his ability, but in his compassion for the sport and in his remarkable sportsmanship. His coach told me that he is the ONLY player on the team that he is able to say always encourages his teammates and has a positive attitude no matter the situation. I say this not just because I am his Mom, but because he has inspired and humbled Mike and I- he DESERVES it, so I WILL brag :) He knew that the chance was there for him and that sadly if he made the All-Stars he would not be able to play. What an honor it is for him just to be nominated. His teacher (who came to 5 or more games this season), announced the news to Braeden’s classmates and I know that helped lessen the blow of making the team, but not being able to play- at least HE gets to brag a little too. We are so proud of that little guy.

We spent most of last weekend getting settled and while Mike worked this week, Mikey and I tried to get our barings (Garmin is my new best friend, the same way Tom Tom was Mike’s back in December). We found Target and Costco, the Post Office and grocery store. We found a Barnes and Noble and went twice so we could read books and Mikey could play with the trains. I don’t want to do too much “sightseeing” until Braeden gets here and is able to experience it all with us. My sweet friend Jenn (who grew up in the Northern, Virginia area) sent me an e-mail with SEVERAL suggestions of fun things to do. It is all so different than South Carolina. There is SO much to see and so many fun things to do. It is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It feels like a different world, busy with commotion and tall buildings everywhere. So, ya, I LOVE everything about this new world known as Northern Virginia, with one exception…..


There is traffic no matter where you go, no matter what time of day. It’s just something you HAVE to get used to and accept. THAT will take some time.

Mikey has been sleeping in until after 9:00 am every morning and not really taking a nap. This is a common occurrence on our way home each afternoon around 3pm-


Tomorrow we are driving out to Gainesville, the city we will be living in come August 1 (about 20-30 miles outside DC). I am really looking forward to checking out the area.

A few more pictures-

Mikey and Daddy blowing bubbles with his Thomas bubble blower. The bubbles come out of the part of the train that steam usually comes out of-



I simply could not pass up this deal at Costco and Mikey’s Birthday IS on Sunday. A great tent, tunnel and 100 balls for $36.99. He loves it. He told me the other night that girls were not allowed. Tonight when Mike was in the shower and he wanted some company, he said, “Girls are allowed Mommy.”



Mike’s parents and my parents bought Mikey this Little Tikes Firetruck for his Birthday. It actually sprays water out of the hose-




Since I can’t post any new pictures of Braeden this week, here are pictures of the 2 projects he did this year in 2nd grade-

George Washington (how fitting)-


The Screech Owl and it’s habitat-


Day 1 sightseeing in Virginia

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the May 16th, 2010

So, we had only intended on dropping Peggy off at Reagan airport, but stumbled upon this really neat area in Historic Alexandria and decided to stop and check it out. SO glad we did. It turns out it is very similar to downtown Charleston. The street we walked on was called King Street and it was so much like the King Street in downtown Charleston. Btw, my new favorite friend is Garmin, the GPS Mike insisted I have while traveling around. Having Garmin makes me feel comfortable as I think about venturing out with Mikey tomorrow while Mike works. Mike even reminded me tonight NOT to leave the house without him (Garmin). :)

Here are some pictures from today. It was an absolute gorgeous day. Mid 70’s, not a cloud in the sky. What an awesome treat to be able to walk around for several hours in MAY! Something not quite so enjoyable in the “Charleston” heat. It was truly a great day. We just miss Braeden SO much! :(



Mikey spotted a fountain right away. Btw, the shirt he is wearing was a Birthday gift from the Kozick family (Sayelor) and it has a boy and girl on it with “Mikey” underneath the boy and “Sayelor” underneath the girl and “Best of Friends” printed on the top. It is PRECIOUS! We miss them already. :(



Throwing pennies with Daddy-




Walking along the docks near the Potomac River-


The Bridge that separates Virginia and Maryland-


The little white dot in the middle of the picture is the Capital Building. Boats were leaving from the pier heading to DC-


We toured this “Pirate Ship”-


Yep, we really ARE in Virginia-


We went in the neatest toy store. Mikey was glued to this Thomas Train table-


Mike pointed this out (go figure)-


Mike’s earning his keep (JK, Adrianne would never ask Mike to cut the grass. He just has such a good heart)-


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