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Wild Dunes Weekend with Papa

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the December 14th, 2009

My Dad came in town this weekend for his work Christmas party. They had it at the gorgeous hotel in Wild Dunes and the boys and I stayed out there Fri-Sun with him. He still works part-time for the company he worked with for over 30 years. He works from home doing sales, but he is still based out of Charleston. My Mom doesn’t like car rides longer than a few hours (I don’t blame her- I don’t either and I am half her age) and since they are coming back the weekend of Christmas, she opted against traveling this weekend. Although the boys missed seeing Grandma, we had such a fun weekend just being away from HOME (and only having to drive 40 minutes!) :) 

We had dinner in the hotel Friday night and took this picture in the hotel lobby before we ate. I especially love this picture because its hard to get one of my Dad smiling with his eyes OPEN!


Saturday morning we had breakfast with Santa at the hotel. Braeden is quite the intelligent little guy and when I announced to the boys that we were having breakfast with “Santa,” he said, “Santa’s helper Mama!” He DOES still believe in Santa (I think)…..(I hope), but knows that the “Santa” he sees all over around the holidays are “helpers.” Well, to make things a little more exciting and to REALLY get Mikey into it (he is understanding so much this year and knows what Santa’s purpose is), I told the boys that Santa called me and told me HE would be there that morning, not his helper. Well, I kinda had to scramble for an explanation after taking one look at “Santa.” Umm, I refused to allow my children to have THIS particular image of Santa stuck in their minds as SANTA! He wasn’t jolly, he barely said a word and you could see his black mustasche under his beard that was falling down (and black eyebrows- aren’t they supposed to be grey). Of course Mikey had no clue, but I told Braeden that Santa realized he had so much more to do than he thought (like Mama ALWAYS does), so he thought it more important to make sure all his toys were ready for Christmas Eve………Hey, it was the best I could think of at the time. The boys had a great time nonetheless.




Probably my FAVORITE picture taken this WHOLE year. Look at those identical smiles.


The boys with Papa at the Pancake buffet-


Braeden’s pancake topped with chocolate syrup, maple syrup, mm’s, sprinkles and oreos. He was on a sugar high all morning.


Mikey’s pancake- one of few times I felt glad he doesn’t eat much per sitting.


He DID devour the candy cane that Grandma sent-


While Papa was at his party the boys and I had so much fun just hanging out in the room watching movies, and building pillow forts (it was a cold and rainy day)-


After Papa left Sunday, I took Braeden to see Walt Disney’s Christmas Carol. It was SO good. I LOVE Christmas and am so looking forward to Christmas Eve when my parents, sister and brother-in-law come AND Mike comes home!

Speaking of Mike, his first week went great! He loves the area he is staying, which is terrific since its pretty much where we’d decided we’d like to live and he is enjoying everything about his job. He says every person he has met (including the people training him and the bosses) are so nice, helpful and compassionate. He is going to drive the 2.5 hours to Philly this weekend to see his Grandpop and will be home next Thurs (Christmas Eve) for the weekend. OH, and he found somewhere to stay (that’s not $1000 a month). He is staying with a family in MD (about a 45 minute drive to work). Last night he had a home cooked meal of fried chicken and this morning (his first morning there) he walked into the kitchen to breakfast fixed and a bag lunch waiting for him :) He just may not want to come home.

I hope everyone has a great week!

A very fun week….

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the December 10th, 2009

and the pictures to prove it-

The “fun” started as soon as Braeden arrived home from Chicago last Sunday afternoon. He has an awesome time and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his stories of all he did while there. He visited a cool museum that had a mock White House. Nancy mentioned how he will be visiting the REAL White House before long since we will be living so close to DC.


He spent time with Nancy’s nephews and little 3 year old Liam says B is his “best friend” I LOVE IT!

He made polish sausage (a family tradition with Nancy’s family) the day after Thanksgiving. I am SO proud of that kid for trying. For the record, Mama wouldnt’t touch that raw meat! :)


He went to Dave & Busters (and actually played games this time). Played outside games at Nancy’s parent’s house since it was so warm (his wish to see snow was not granted this time) and even went to the circus. Thank you Daddy Aaron, Nancy and all of Nancy’s family for such an awesome time!

Mikey came with me to pick up Braeden at the airport. He was able to come to the gate with me and waited patiently for B’s plane to land. When he saw the plane pulling up to the gate, he stood up, smiled and yelled, “HI BRAEDEN!” He would not let go of Braeden’s hand until we got to the car.


The same night, we went to run a couple errands and Mike snuck the boys up into the flower beds at the outdoor mall to snap this picture. The sun was shining right in their faces, but I had to get it because I’ve taken pictures of Braeden in this same spot a few times before.


Mike went to the Police Department last Monday to turn in his stuff and have lunch with some co-workers. He was off the rest of the week…..very deserving of the break if you ask me. Mikey stayed home with Mike and they had such a great time together. I know Mikey must be terribly confused after spending so much time with Daddy and not have him around at ALL now. Mike and his Mom took Mikey and Sayelor to the Fire Museum that is close to our house, but we’d never been to.

Mikey taking it all in-


Admiring an OLD Fire Truck-




His own little fire truck-


Sliding down the fire pole (a little scared)-


Mikey and Daddy-


Daddy said he loved the tunnel-


I love this one-



Mikey and Sayelor in their Fireman hats-


Last Thursday night we went to the county park that has a light display. It is so neat driving through the whole park and seeing the different lights. My favorites are of the old bridge and new bridge.





Mikey was ecstatic to see (and hear) the choo choo train you can ride on to view the lights.

Before our ride-


Santa was even there-



Mikey deep in thought-


Both boys listening to Santa-


Mikey LOVED the candy cane Santa gave him (first time he’s had one)-


ALL I need for Christmas-


They don’t just make cute winter pjs for babies-


“Whew, all this December fun has wiped me out!” Mikey on our way to Mike’s surprise party-


The party was simply fantastic. Close to 100 people came with cards, gifts, words of congratulations and well wishes. Mike was simply blown away. It was a very fun night. We simply have the very best friends and family and will miss them so much when we move. Speaking of BEST, just so happens, Mike’s BEST FRIEND (who lives in Colorado) was visiting his family 2 hours away and hopped in the car the minute I called him and told him about the party that night. Mike arrived in VA on Sunday and has had nothing but wonderful things to report about his new job. His message to me the first day was, “this is going to be amazing!” That is HUGE because Mike doesn’t use words like Amazing! :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their December festivities. More soon!