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I’m workin’ 9 to 5

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the August 19th, 2009

Well, actually 9:30-5:30 M-F with a hour for lunch (that I get PAID for). I was offered the job that I interviewed for on Friday and I start tomorrow. I feel SO blessed. The way the economy is right now, there are so many people who are being laid off and can’t find a job anywhere. Not only do I now HAVE a job, but its appearing to be one of the best opportunities I’ve ever had. I am making more money than ever, get every bank and court holiday off, 3 weeks vacation and 6 days of sick leave a year! Sometimes I am really amazed at some of the things God allows for me. Let’s hope I still feel this way tomorrow after my first day! Believe it or not, I do not have that overwhelming, pit of the stomach, nervous feeling I usually have the night before starting a new job. I am actually excited and intrigued! The attorney I will work for is a divorce/family law attorney. MUCH more exciting than business or environmental law (what the law firm I worked for before specialized in). I will probably have some funny stories to share. My sister is a criminal attorney and I love hearing about some of the cases she is working on.

Mikey will be with Mike’s Mom while I work and Braeden will attend after-school care at his school. Mike gets off at 4pm most days so he will be able to get the boys home and well into the evening routine…..and I will walk in each night with fresh flowers on the table, a delicious meal in the oven, a glass of wine and hot bubble bath waiting for me…..YA RIGHT! :) More like pay backs for all the times Mike came home to NO dinner and a wife who just can not cook. :(

We thought about putting Mikey in an all-day preschool, but just don’t think he is ready. A half-day preschool would mean Mike’s Mom would have to pick him up each day and that may be hard with her now watching Sayelor’s baby sister too. Mikey and Sayelor have also become inseparable. Its actually funny because as well as the two played together occasionally, they would compete for Mike’s Mom’s attention and therefore struggled to get along. They LOVE each other now, follow each other around and are lost when the other is not there. This makes me SO happy! Its nice to know Mikey is not only in PERFECT care, but also has a buddy his age to play with- even if she does wear Dora pull-ups instead of Diego! :)

Wish me luck tomorrow.

3 books, 3 trips, countless visits to the pool and a teary Mama later…..

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the August 17th, 2009

and SUMMER IS OVER! :( Most parents (especially the Moms that stay home with their kids) are ecstatic hearing the words BACK TO SCHOOL. For me though, it is also the end of a 4 month “break.” In the 4 months I was BLESSED to have without any (out side of the home) responsibility, I enjoyed myself so much and considered it an absolute luxury. Mike, Mikey and I went to VA in late May, we went and visited my parents for a week as a family (which included going to a Phillies game), and I went back to my parents for a glorious week ALONE. In between trips, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent catching up on things and erasing things off my to-do list, reading more books than I usually read in a year-3 to be exact- (“Love the one your with,” “For Women Only,”- Mike actually read “For Men Only” and finished before me- and “90 Minutes in Heaven”). I recommend ALL of them- Especially the “For Men” and “For Woman”series, and spending so much time with family and friends. Both boys, despite being coated with SPF 50 sunscreen every day, (you’ve seen the picture) have adorable little farmer’s tans from being at the pool so much. Mikey has actually advanced his lack of fear to include jumping in the pool (TWICE) the minute we enter the pool area- one with his swimmer on and once WITHOUT. Fortunately the “without” time had nothing to do with me. :) I was not there, didn’t see it and never would have known had Mike not told me. I’m so glad he DID tell me because it has reminded me not to get so comfortable just because he can swim great with his swimer on. Mikey has no clue of his limits. When Mike took the swimmer off to see if Mikey could swim from him to me, Mikey was extremely irritated with being held and when he went straight under after Mike let him go he simply laughed. He did hold his breath though. He kept saying, “see ya” and would run around the pool area jumping in whenever he felt like it and we’d have to dash after him. 10 minutes of this game and his swimmer was back on. By swimmer I mean this suit he wears that allows him to swim almost perfectly without any help (and without drowning). We are signing him up for swimming lessons and want him swimming SOON! He loves the water so much and I just want to ease some of MY fears of him around it.

So, along with Braeden going back to school (this morning- I cried) comes me going back to work. I’m actually not 100 percent sure WHAT I will be doing. Part of the reason I didn’t work all summer was because I was offered a nanny job that didn’t start until school started and the other being that childcare for the boys would have sorta made the amount of money I’d earn a wash. Mike’s Mom is WONDERFUL, but having Mikey, Sayelor, Braeden and Harley ALL summer would have been too much. She wouldn’t have even been able to fit them all in the car. SO, up until last week when we discovered how much money we’d have to set aside to pay taxes on the cash I would earn nannying, as well as the cost it would be for Braeden’s after school care- Mike’s Mom is no longer able to pick him up since Sayelor’s Mom had her baby and she would not be able to fit Sayelor, the baby and Mikey in the car (with Braeden)- I was looking forward to working for Nicole and watching her 2 GIRLS! After Mike and I weighed things financially, it didn’t really make sense anymore. SO, I’ve been on one interview, sent numerous resumes out and will help Nicole until something full time comes along (she was SO understanding). One thing I’ve realized is that after being home for 4 months and being away from my “career” for 3 years (I was a legal assistant before having Mikey), I am ready and eager to go back into the “REAL” world. When I worked as a nanny, I was happy, but still felt I needed more in my life than just being a wife and a mother (not to say that full time Moms don’t do enough- major credit goes to all of them), but for me I just enjoyed having an outlet. Being a nanny is just like being a mother- just with different kids and therefore didn’t provide that outlet. That being said, I was so intimidated going back to “work” after being off for so long. I literally suffered panic attacks each time I tried. God always seems to take every yucky situation and turn it into something good. As much as I’ve loved and enjoyed being home with the boys, the past few months, it was a struggle financially and only by the grace of God and my husband’s dedication to working as much as he could so that I could have an (UNdeserved break to regroup) did we make it work. God changed my mind and attitude toward “working” and towards the thought of being away from the boys so much. I actually feel as though I NEED it. Sure, it can be stressful working full time and only seeing the boys for an hour or 2 a day, BUT I do remember the rewarding feelings I had when I accomplished something (other than changing diapers or applying sun screen) and how much I cherished and enjoyed my family when with them. I actually MISS having something in my life independent of my family and more than anything I want so desperately to relieve some of the pressure Mike feels financially. Me working full time will actually OPEN a lot of doors for us rather than close them. So, the search is on. I pray so much for the right opportunity that will allow me to learn and grow. I will keep you posted.

So, how bout those boys that have driven me so crazy that I actually WANT to go back to work (JK….-well sorta). Hehe :)
Mikey- has his days. He can be sweet as pie one day and then a terror the next. He was SO SO bad the other day (maybe that was the day I had the inclination of wanting to go back to work)? In general, he is such a little joy and constantly has me laughing. He has the most precious southern accent I have ever heard and his sun bleached blond hair makes him look like a little surfer dude. He still does not like being in trouble, but is so sweet when he says he is sorry and the look on his face shows us he means it. He is forming longer sentences every day and although he is stubborn as ever, we can now reason with him (we lie a lot) ;) Baby Einstein videos are still his favorite. He LOVES Fire Trucks and gets excited every time we approach the station near our house. He is also madly in love with anything that has to do with trains. We are planning a trip to see the “real” Thomas the Train in October. We will even get to go on a 15 minute ride on him. Can your guess what he’s going to be for Halloween?!
Braeden has enjoyed the last month of his summer vacation relaxing at home playing baseball on his Play Station 3, swimming, spending almost every night with Harley and seeing lots of movies (most recently G I Joe with Daddy).
By sheer coincidence he got the teacher he wanted this year (a male) and Mike and I really like him too. I can’t believe he is in second grade!!!!! Where has the time gone? I cried today when I dropped him off and saw all the kindergarteners. They were so SMALL. He is also looking forward to playing fall baseball on Saturdays through Nov. Yay! Braeden’s baseball games AND Major League playoffs at the same time! Have I ever mentioned before how much I love baseball? Just checking.

Alright, I hope you have a great week. Do you think I beat the record for the longest blog? :)

Here’s the boys enjoying their last day of summer- (its still so humid here that the camera got foggy)


Braeden’s first day of 2nd grade!


Family Fun at Folly Beach

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In keeping with their summertime tradition, Mike’s parents rented a beach house at Folly Beach for a week. Mike’s brother Shaun, his son Tyler (8) and Shaun’s girlfriend Tracy came in from Louisiana and Mike’s cousin Heather came in from Arizona. The boys and I spent several nights out there and Mike came as much as he could- even taking one day off work! It was a lot of fun. We found out last summer that Mikey’s love for the water included the ocean, but it was really fun seeing him enjoy it so much this year. The first day out, he didn’t like the sand much and I thought he was going to take after Braeden who at 2 wouldn’t even allow Papa to put him down (not wanting his feet to get sand on them) on their Saturday or Sunday morning beach strolls, much less build a sand castle with his hands. At one point Mikey took off running to the ocean and I had to chase after him thinking he was trying to go for a swim. Turns out he wanted to wash the sand off his hands. It didn’t take him long to get used to it and he decided he didn’t want to miss the fun that his brother and 2 cousins were having building castles and digging holes, really DEEP holes.

Braeden digging-


Mikey IN the hole-


A few other highlights of the week:

Daddy showed Braeden how to surf-



SO proud he actually kept his balance through the waves-


Have I mentioned JUST how much I love this boy?-


Shaun, Tracy, Heather, Mike and I had an adult dinner at Water’s Edge on Thursday night. We started out on the patio enjoying the cool breeze, but darted for an inside table as the rain clouds rolled in.


Shaun and Tracy-


2 good lookin’ brothers-


Tyler celebrated his 8th Birthday, Transformer style-


Mom Mom took the boys to Target to pick out “prizes.” Mikey had a hard time choosing. (Funny, he didn’t end up with any of these- he chose a Tonka Fire Truck). He is FASCINATED with Fire Trucks lately. Braeden chose a boogie board and pajamas.


Some more cute pictures:

We coated the boys with SPF 50 sunscreen the first day, but for some reason they all got a little burnt on their faces (probably from wiping the ocean water off their faces so much) so, I wasn’t taking any chances the rest of the week-


These is one multi-use wagon (it actually came filled with mega blocks, but for the past couple years we’ve used it to haul our beach toys. Mikey found his own use for it-




Now, back to reality.