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Helmet Head

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the March 24th, 2009


Since Braeden can now ride his bike, Mikey frequently watches in envy as his big brother and Harley pedal off on their big metal bikes. His plastic Fisher Price tricycle that he can only Freddie Flinstone pedal (not due to lack of ability, but being unable to reach the pedals) doesn’t seem quite as “cool” anymore.  Mike’s Mom (as she always does) succumbed to his desires for a “real” bike and bought him a new Radio Flyer METAL tricycle from Target and a new helmet.  Of course he loves the tricycle. After all, it involves being outside, looks just a little more “flashy” than his plastic one, AND if he sits forward enough, he can even pedal by himself. Yes, the bike is great, but we actually think he is more thrilled with the helmet he got with it.  No, we are not THAT paranoid that we make him wear the helmet on the tricycle (although it wouldn’t be a bad idea since this IS Mikey we are talking about), but we’ve been meaning to get one for him so he can ride on the back of my bike (that I sadly have not had a free minute to ride since getting it for my Birthday 2.5 months ago) :( Well, the helmet Mike’s Mom got him is too big, so we actually have to order one, but we didn’t dare take it away from him and figured he could grow into it anyway.  Any time he sees it, he wants it on and will wear it ALL day.  He has worn it in the car and in the grocery store.  Mike thinks we are nuts, but as Mothers, Mike’s Mom and I are smart enough to pick our battles with a toddler. The people starring need to realize that allowing our toddler to wear his helmet in places that don’t exactly warrant it, is MUCH better than hearing one scream in protest as we try and take it off! The funny thing is, since its too big, he can’t really see and will walk into the walls etc. Good thing he has the helmet on….Hahaha

In other news-

-Braeden truly looks amazing on the ball field this year!  3 players from last year are on his team again which was exciting.  It’s also nice to have familiar Mommy’s to chat with.  His coach this year is GREAT- he both played for and coached the College of Charleston, so he knows his stuff.  I really hope the pollen disappears soon because nothing outside is enjoyable right now and I have one little boy who is outside playing baseball a lot and one that only wants to be outside period!

Mikey sat on the potty last night for 30 minutes. He was determined to pee pee in the potty and every time I would take him off, he would scream saying, “pee pee come.” It was rather annoying and a bit disruptive in the middle of our bedtime routine, but I didn’t want to discourage his learning. He DID finally go pee pee in the potty.  He knew he had to go, but just wasn’t sure how it all worked.  What convinced me, was that this is the same little guy that won’t sit still 5 minutes for anything.  If he was willing to sit on the potty and do nothing, he really must have had to go. :)

All this big boy stuff Mikey is doing really doesn’t surprise us much, since lately he wants to do everything Braeden does. When Braeden sits at the table to do homework, Mikey wants to sit with him and “elp” (help). He wants to “pit” (spit) his tooth paste in the sink after brushing (even though he can actually swallow his). And when we caught him sticking Braeden’s flonase nose spray up his nostril, he said “spay” (spray).  Thank goodness he can’t quite “spray” it yet. 

Mikey is also very much into associating things lately. He repeats things over and over too. He will say, “Braeden?” and I will reply, “Braeden is at school and you will pick him up later with Mom Mom.” He will say, “Bus?” and I will reply, “yes, he will come home on the bus.” When he sees Food Lion or Walmart, he says, “Bubby” (buggy).  When I say “haircut” he says, “pop” (as in the lolipop he gets when he goes). When I tell him Daddy’s at work he will say, “Police Car” or “un” (gun). My sweet innocent little boy will even say, “pow pow” when holding up one of Braeden’s play guns! :(

Braeden is counting down the days until his trip to Panama City to spend Spring Break with Aaron’s family. He simply LOVES going there and spending time with his cousins. Mama seems to miss him more and more each time he goes- I thought it was supposed to get easier the older they got?

Speaking of easier, I am happy to report that Mikey is a lot easier right now. He is doing so much better with eating- not near as much baby food.  He ate an entire chicken strip (equivalent to about 2 nuggets) the other night and an entire french toast Eggo for breakfast the other morning. His manners are also quite remarkable for a 22 month old.  He says “tan tu” (thank you) without being asked every time he is given something and will says “peez” when asked, “what do you say?” before we give something to him.  Keep your fingers crossed that this “stage” lasts awhile because he is truly so much fun.


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New week, new home, new bedS! I don’t have a whole lot to report since I’ve literally spent the last week MOVING, cleaning and organizing. I do have to say, that we are more clean, organized, clutter-free, and less stressed than we ever were at the house, AND, we are living in 300 less square feet. This move has truly been great.  Although it was a lot of work, my body is sore, and I am tired, it was a great opportunity to go through things, get rid of stuff, become more organized and even label boxes :) Thanks to Holly allowing me 5 days off in a row (which is a lot considering I was just off for 12 days), I was able to focus on the move without the added distraction of work. With the move, came a few changes- Mike and I sold our bedroom set (rather than have to move a king bed, huge dresser and night stand) and have downsized to a queen bed (this is most definitely temporary- as much as Mike and I love each other, we both like our space when sleeping).  Our room in the apartment is a bit smaller, so we will have to wait until we move again before getting another king. Mike and I are not the only ones with a new bed…..Mikey is officially out of the crib and in a big boy bed :(  We decided to un-bunk the beds and put them side by side in their new room.  The top bunk already had a built in rail so it worked perfectly. Believe it or not, it only took 2 nights for him to adjust (which is HUGE for Mikey especially since we have been without “unny” as we wait for it to arrive in the mail after forgetting it at my parents). Here is a picture of him taking a nap for the first time in his big boy bed!


I think that the time change has also helped.  Because it gets darker out later, Mikey is going to bed at 7pm with Braeden instead of 6pm. I think having his big brother with him at bed time makes him happier.

Couple quick things to note-

-Mikey pointed to my tummy the other day and said, “Baby?” We have no idea where he came up with that.  He is not around anyone that is pregnant and we’ve never talked about a baby being in a tummy. Granted, my stomach WAS a little bloated from all the fast food we’ve eaten while getting settled, but I am certainly NOT pregnant!

-Braeden has his first baseball practice of the season tonight! :)

-I LOVE Spring, but HATE the pollen, especially with a white car! :(


While packing boxes and sorting through things, I came across this picture of me.  I was about Mikey’s age in this picture and swear he looks just like me.  His hair is the exact same color and texture (very fine).  Sadly, my hair is so much darker and SO much thicker now.

I’m Baaaaack!

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Back to blogging, back home from a WONDERFUL vacation! It was very hard to leave Florida after 12 glorious days spent with my family. I am SUCH a homebody and usually a week out of my comfort zone is stretching it for me, but this time I was actually counting how many MORE days I had in the Sunshine state.  Braeden and I enjoyed a couple warm days of relaxation before my sister came in from Canada bringing the cooler weather with her.  It just so happened that we spent the 3 coldest days at a resort on the beach.  We didn’t actually get to enjoy the beach, but we enjoyed each other’s company much more than any beach could provide.  We spent a day shopping (not me though, I didn’t break my lent- my sister was so sweet and bought me a few things and Braeden LOTS-belated Birthday presents).  We spent another day at a Detroit Tigers (a family favorite team- that is until I married Mike and was peer-pressured into becoming a traitor and bumping the Phiilies up to #1 spot) spring training game. 

We headed back to The Villages on Tuesday and warm weather, Mike and Mikey joined us.  The rest of the week was spent lounging by the pool, getting a tan (my sister and I both got pretty dark), eating great food either cooked or treated to by my parents (thanks), roasting marshmallows in my Dad’s fire-pit, Braeden mastering riding his bike WITHOUT training wheels, Mikey proving to us that he DOES love the water even more than we thought, has no fear, and is a natural at the whole swimming thing, riding in the golf cart (another favorite of Mikey’s-he would hop up on it all by himself) and most important, enjoying time together as a family.  A family that the more I spend time with as an adult, the more I realize just how much I love and adore and just how loved I am! :) My sister and I weren’t that close growing up.  The almost 5 year age difference was enough to create tension between two sisters.  We were/are very different in a lot of ways yet very similar in a lot of ways, AND have lived apart for 15 years (since 1994 when we moved to the US and my sister stayed behind to begin pursuing her Canadian law degree- and is now a very successful, well liked attorney). Because of the distance and conflicting school/work schedules, we are only able to see each other about once a year (I think between the last visit and last weeks, was the longest).  The more I see her, the closer we get and the more I realize how much I miss not having my big sister near me daily.  The amount of love and attention and adoration she showed Braeden last week melted my heart (he slept with her, rode with her, swam with her, sat next to her, the entire trip).  She loves Mikey just as much, but he is at a stage of not allowing anyone but Mama and Daddy (and Mike’s Mom since she is his caregiver while we work) near him.  Oh how I love her and am so thankful for our friendship that keeps getting stronger and stronger.  :)




OK, enough sappy stuff (we couldn’t even say goodbye because we get too sad). The week concluded with an AMAZING day spent at a Phillies/Tigers game in Clearwater, FL.  It was sunny, 85 degrees and truly one of the best days I’ve ever spent with my husband and kids.  It was actually my Mom’s Birthday too and sadly she wasn’t able to join us because she had t0 show a house.  To see many of our favorite baseball players that we watched on TV win the World Series a few months ago, was incredible!  The game was SOLD OUT and the fans were great.  It was almost hard to believe it was just a spring training game. Mikey did great too, once he discovered his own little space on the isle/stairs next to our seats.  SO MUCH FUN!




So yes, as sad as it is, we are all back to reality this week FULL SWING.  We are moving on Thursday and that in-itself is so much work.  We are only moving a mile away, which actually makes it harder because there is not much that can be done before the actual moving day.  We have not sold our house, but found perfect renters who agreed to a 2-year lease.  We decided to take the house off the market, hoping 2 years will make a positive difference in the current state of the economy.  We are downsizing too, but going on pure faith that it is very temporary.  The whole reason for the move was in hopes that Mike’s potential new job will pan out SOON!  PRAY PRAY PRAY! Its not so bad really, the apartments are brand new and gorgeous. They have a pool and hot tub that resembles a resort, a great fitness center and even a free tanning bed. With the discovery of Mikey’s addiction to water, its a good thing we have access to a pool this summer.  And then there is the recent talk of a possible family trip (to include my parents, sister, brother and brother-in-law) this Christmas to HAWAII that keeps my spirits up after the sad goodbyes-that we didn’t say :)



OH, I have to include a picture of my Dad…..This is what happens when an Empty-Nester has his 2 daughters, son-in-law and 2 grandsons visit at the same time!