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Chh Chh Changes

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the February 23rd, 2008

I feel like my life changes daily.  First of all, today Mikey is 9 months old!  I am having a hard time with it.  I really notice the milestones in 3 month intervals. Birth, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and one year.  This is the first “milestone” that he is closer to 1 than to a newborn.  I can NOT believe that in just 3 months, he will be 1 YEAR old!  Why didn’t either of the 9 months that I was pregnant go this fast?  It was one thing when Braeden turned 6.  That was hard enough. I can’t even use one hand to count his age anymore, and now Mikey is growing up just as fast right before my eyes.  This week I truly regretted having my tubes tied (for those who know just HOW BAD my pregnancies were, you know I must REALLY be sad about my boys growing up).  I actually didn’t mind the soaking-wet-from-drool clothes this week, the nasty poopy diapers, the get-me-out-of-this-bed crying after only 20 minutes of a nap, the baby food mess all over Mikey, his highchair and the kitchen table.  No, I didn’t mind because it meant there was still a baby in this house even-though he is getting bigger.  OR, maybe it was the fact that Sayelor didn’t come at all this week (and won’t be coming anymore).  Maybe having just one baby made me feel less cranky and irritable.  I really adored that sweet baby girl though. And Trisee and Steve are both WONDERFUL kind-heart Christian people. Trisse has decided that with all the sickness going around (and her not being able to be around it) she would stay home with her until she could find someone to come to her home and care for her.  It is sort of a bittersweet thing.  I did enjoy having her and the extra money, BUT it was a lot of work.  2 babies are hard (my heart goes out to parents of multiples- they are clearly much STRONGER people than me since God only gives us what we can handle).  I have cared for 4-5 kids at once before and it was easier than 2 infants because none of the kids were the same age.  Anyway, Monday-Friday 8:00-5:30 was a LONG week to have 2 babies non-stop.  God is GREAT though and always opens one door when he closes another.  Another family I babysat for 4 nights a month, just lost their nanny and needed someone 2 days a week 8:30-3:30.  PERFECT!  AND, I will make the same amount of money I was making caring for Sayelor ALL week.  Now, I can go to my Mom’s group again, and have 3 days a week (plus weekends- although I may work some for the sitter service again on the weekend evenings) to clean, get errands done and just enjoy my boys and spend time with just them (and Mike of course). 

Anyway, that’s that, something new AGAIN!  I know, I can hardly keep up with myself sometimes. Here’s what Mikey is up to at 9 months:

-Chewing on everything and anything he can get his hands on.  His favorites of course are anything that is not HIS.  Along with the chewing comes MASSIVE drool.  He soaks through multiple bibs a day.

-His teething biscuits, which make the biggest mess EVER, everything he is wearing and himself need to be washed when he is done.

-Saying the words “Da Da” (even when Mike is not around), “OK, OK” and other words that only he and his baby friends can understand.

-Sleeping with a blanket over his head.  He will fuss and will not go to sleep if the blanket is not put over his head. Of course we go back and take it off when he falls asleep.

-Taking off his socks and eating them. Its frustrating when he does this when we are in the car and its cold outside.  He will soak the sock to the point he is better off without the sock than with it.

-Becoming angry when something is taken away from him.

-Watching his big brother do ANYTHING.

-American Idol and the song “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain (seriously).

-Running his tongue over those sharp things we call teeth.

-BITING! He frequently bites himself.  He will be playing nicely and all of a sudden he will start screaming.  We realize he has just bit the toe that was in his mouth or the arm he was knawing on.

-And, most recently, TRYING to crawl, but instead falling on his tummy and immediately getting mad, giving up and raising his arms to be picked up.

Here is a picture of my little MONKEY at 9 months! This is one of my favorite shirts of his.  It says, “Mommy’s Hunky Monkey!” We have ALWAYS called him a little monkey. Notice the drool all over his shirt! :)


As I went to take this picture of Mikey, I looked over at Braeden who was watching a movie and realized he was sleeping.  I guess he has had a busy weekend!


Lots to share…..

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the February 20th, 2008

but I am too tired to do it tonight!  Here are some pictures to hold you over until tomorrow when I “intend” to write.  We all know how that can go though…..


Mikey is devouring a teething biscuit!  He made a huge mess, BUT was occupied for 30 minutes and ate the whole thing.  Amazing what only 2 teeth can do!


This picture is almost a month old (from Braeden’s Birthday party), but I thought it matched Mikey’s picture since they are both feeding their faces.  Next to Braeden is his Best buddy from school Griffin.  I thought Braeden was tall! Griffin towers over everyone in the class and he just turned 6 too.  We went to his Birthday party last weekend.  It was at one of the coolest kids places I have ever been too.  To spare those of you reading who don’t have kids and may not care, I will just give you the website address and you can check it out if you want.  Mike and I plan to enroll both boys in weekly classes.  Rolliepollie.com

Hope everyone is having a great week!  We are having a MUCH better one!

My Valentine’s

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the February 14th, 2008

One good thing about being the only female in a house with 3 males, is that I get to have 3 Valentines!  I love them all equally (although I think I’d have to say that my two little Valentine’s are cutest) :)


Most of you got a picture/card in the mail.  This was the second picture I took that day and the one that didn’t make the cut for the cards.  Mike gave me this heart pillow on our first Valentine’s Day!

As much as love is in the air at our house, so are cold and flu germs!  My baby Valentine is so sick right now.  Bless his little heart.  Its started Sunday with him being extra fussy.  Monday I could not put him down without him screaming.  Yes he is high maintenance, but for him to not want to play at all is just not like him.  Tuesday was worse.  He started running a fever of 103 and we took him to the Dr. after Sayelor got picked up.  It took them giving him 2 more (I gave him one before we left) doses of tylenol to get the fever to come down.  They would not let us leave until he responded to the tylenol.  It was a nightmare!  They had to take his temperature 3 times rectally and stuck some extra long Q-tip like thing in his nose (used to diagnose the flu) and I cried harder than I usually do when the boys get shots.  I mean its like they were kicking him when he was already down.  The nurse was so so nice and had a baby girl about Mikey’s age.  His poor little eyes are so swollen and red with yucky gunk coming out of them.  So, along with the flu, he has an eye infection.  He truly looks like he has been hit in the face with a brick.  Fortunately today he seems a little better.  He slept until 12:30 yesterday afternoon (from 10:00 the night before) and today he woke up at 9:30, ate, played for about 30 minutes and has been sleeping for almost 2 hours (he NEVER sleeps that long during the day).  I think the extra rest is exactly what he needs.  I guess I should just count my blessings that this is the first time he has really been sick.  By this age, Braeden was sick a handful of times, which is why I wanted to stay home with him for at least the first year.  Added to Mikey being miserable, since Sayelor was a preemie, she can not be around ANYONE who is even slightly sick. If she were to get the flu,  she would be put in the hospital and could die.  The Dr’s do not want her to go anywhere at all during flu season.  Once she is a year old she will be in the clear.  The Dr. said Mikey would be contagious through the rest of this week, so she won’t come back until next week.  Trisse is so understanding and fantastic about everything, but I feel terrible to make her miss work AND I don’t get paid either.  The only good thing about Mikey being sick is that he is SO snuggly and calm.  Normally he is so energetic and is like his Mama and Daddy and can’t sit still.  It is completely out of character for him to just sit on the couch with me and watch TV.  I am enjoying every minute of it (at his expense I know) and have discovered that along with American Idol, he also likes Deal or No Deal and Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

On a lighter note, Braeden asked me the other day when he was going to Grandma Peggy’s house again.  I told him, “probably tomorrow so Mama and Daddy can go on a date.”  He said, “ohhhhhh, DON’T KISS!”  :)  Braeden- I plan on showing you this blog entry when you are about 15 and going on your first date (and every date thereafter)! I truly wish that the innocence of children could stay in us humans forever!

I hope you are all having a great week!  Have a great Valentine’s day…..no kissing!!!!!

So far so good!

Posted in Uncategorized by sandy on the February 7th, 2008

It’s been a good week so far.  The babies are in a much better mood and have BOTH been napping very well.  Sayelor takes longer naps, but Mikey takes more.  I don’t have a whole lot to report right now.  I am looking forward to the weekend and relaxing a bit.  Although it’s been a good week, its been a busy one.  Here are a couple pictures of Mikey-

Twice in one day he fell asleep in his jumperoo!


Here is a picture of Mikey having fun playing…..BY HIMSELF!


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