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We do have fun…..sometimes!

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I figured since its such a rarity, I will share a picture of Mike and I WITHOUT the boys.  This is from the weekend our friend was in town.  Mike’s parents kept the boys the WHOLE weekend and we got to go out and have some fun!

I promised!

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Well, I am cutting it kinda close.  I promised I would write more this week and here it is, Saturday afternoon and I’m finally getting to writing.  Both of the boys have a cold.  Braeden has had one for what seems like a month.  Every morning he wakes up with the same crusty nose.  It is torture to him (and us) to clean it out before he heads to school.  Now Mikey has the same cold.  I think I must have jinxed him because I was just bragging about how he has NOT been sick at all and blamed daycare for Braeden being sick 4 or 5 times by the time he was Mikey’s age.  It doesn’t seem to be affecting Mikey much.  He is oblivious to the fact that he looks drunk most of the day and doesn’t want us to bother him when he sneezes and has snot running down his face (once again, sorry to those of you who are not parents).  Braeden on the other hand is miserable.  He too looks like he is drunk all day.  His teachers must think he gets no sleep.  He DOES get a lot though.  In fact, he is napping now.  He is past the napping phase, but when he stays with Mike’s Mom on the weekends she doesn’t hold him to his 7:00 bedtime.  I know that 7:00 sounds so early for a 5 year olds bedtime, but he is obviously tired because he is asleep by 7:02 each night.  Remember, he gets up at 5:45.  Anyway, Mike is working an event, Braeden is sleeping and Mikey is watching his Baby Einstein videos (I know that its probably not great for a 4 month old to watch TV, but Braeden is one of the smartest in his class and he watched A LOT of TV…..plus, if you want me to write……something has to entertain the little guy.  Guilty Mommy trying to justify…..). Its been so long since I’ve written that I have to go back 2 weeks to update you.  We had a great time with our friend Michael despite the fact that there were WAY too many Michael’s in our house not to mention way too much of the male hormone.  Watching Mike with his buddy gave me a glimpse at what my life will be like 15 years from now (when Braeden is 20 and Mikey 15).  I hope by then we are rich so I can indulge in frequent trips to the “WOMEN ONLY SPA’s”  If you read the comment from Michael on my previous entry, he was referring to a picture that was taken (of course by the guys) of my sweet baby boy with a mohawk.  I do admit that it was funny and promise that I didn’t delete it on purpose.  When I put the pictures from the digital camera on the computer, that particular picture was gone.  I will have to see if Mike can “re-create” it.  Mikey does have some funny hair.  He has almost nothing in the back and then a chunk in the front that is like 3 inches long.  AND, it looks like he has a lot of red in his hair.  I would not mind a little red head.  A dear friend of mine Julie and her adorable little girl both have red hair and they are BEAUTIFUL.  Mikey also has the fair skin to go along with the red hair.  Mike can’t even go out in the sun for 10 minutes without getting burnt, so I guess Mikey really DOES take after Daddy.  Anyway, just like when my parents come to town, we were spoiled when Michael was here too.  He treated us to dinner at our favorite restaurant and gave me his old Ipod (although I don’t think it was really that “old”).  Thank you Michael for a great time.  We look forward to another visit soon. We met with Braeden’s teacher this week.  Don’t worry, he was not in trouble.  She wanted to have a conference with all of the parents individually to discuss where our child is in comparison to where they should be.  Braeden is right on track and even ahead in a few areas.  I was SO proud when she told me that he has the best manners of all the kids in the class.  Now I know its not just me when I tell everyone what a “good” child Braeden is.  I hope anyone who saw Braeden naked in our front yard thinks the same thing.  He has recently started bathing himself.  He likes to wash and then play for about 15 or 20 minutes.  I am pretty secure with the fact that he is not going to drown in the bath tub so I left him in there while I went in the front and vacuumed out the McDonalds he had for dinner in the car(yes I leave my child unattended in the bathtub AND feed him McDonalds for dinner in the car).  Anyway, about 5 minutes into vacuuming I look over and see my naked son on the front grass balling his eyes out because he was calling me and needed me to wash his back.  I DID tell him that I was going outside for a minute and I would come back in to wash his back and help him rinse off.  Well, I guess he is taking up on Mikey’s habit (or mine) of wanting what he wants NOW!  He has no shame- watch out girls…..15 years is not that far off!Speaking of Braeden being good in school…..The school mascot is the “Gator” and as a reward for good behavior, the kids get “Gator Bucks.”  Each Friday a cart comes around with misc. junk-I mean “prizes” that the kids get to buy with their Gator Bucks.  This is a highlight for Braeden and when he gets home on Friday’s he excitedly shows me what he bought.  Last Friday he was so excited to show me his gold ring with an emerald in it.  I don’t know what got into me, but I belted out, “Braeden that is a GIRLS ring.”  I couldn’t help it, isn’t that what they call “honest parenting?” Well be burst into tears and was so upset that he bought a “girls ring.”  Remember, 5 year old boys do NOT like girls or anything to do with girls and they certainly don’t want to be the boy in class who bought a girls ring from the Gator Buck Cart.  I quickly redeemed myself by saying with great enthusiasm, “Braeden we will give it to Grandma Peggy tonight when we go over there!  She will think it is so beautiful and special.”  It worked and he was happy. I think he was just glad to have a good excuse to tell his buddies at school on Monday when they asked why he bought a girls ring.  If I’m lucky, I’ve instilled in him that he NEVER should buy a girls ring……(Sorry to the girl who 20 years from now is eagerly anticipating one). 

One more funny story.  We’ve gotten into the habit of waking Braeden and having him use the potty.  Usually its before we go to bed and only about 2 or 3 hours after he’s fallen asleep.  One night Mike came home from a meeting, woke Braeden up, brought him to the potty and then went into the room to get changed.  I came around the corner and there is Braeden with his eyes closed putting tooth paste on his tooth brush.  I guess he thought it was morning and time to get ready for school (its still dark at 5:45 when he usually gets up).  We could have been really mean and had a lot of fun by playing it all out, but I felt so bad for my sleepy little guy (and didn’t want to be THAT bad of a mother) that I just carried him back to the bed.  Of course, he had no recollection at all the next morning.  I think I did this to my brother once.  He went as far as getting dressed, washing his face etc. before I told him.  :)

So, everything has been going well.  I’ve just taken on a little side job.  The lady that owns the sitter-service that I work for is going to pay me to help her return calls to new clients (explaining the business) and interview new sitters.  She has another full-time job on top of owning her business and just doesn’t have the time to do everything.  It works great for both of us.  I have been looking for something to fill my time in the mornings while Braeden is at school and I am home with Mikey.  I think it will be great and extra money is always good.  Mike just found out that he is going to a convention in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for a week in mid October.  Free gas, free hotel room (at a beautiful resort) and free food (for Mike at least).  How could I pass up going with him? We are taking the boys and my parents are meeting us there.  We had a trip to Disney World planned, but are going to do this in lieu.  It will be a lot cheaper and much more relaxing.  Now, I just have to find some good museums to take Braeden to so I can prove that the trip is educational and it will be “excused.”  Sheesh, he is only in kindergarten.  Only in kindergarten yes, but he can already spell, The, Is, Can, See, A, and I.  I don’t think I could even spell those in 3rd grade! :) Like Mike says, I AM a little slow.

Have a great week! 

Since I wrote mostly about Braeden, I will post a picture of Mikey: He says, “If you do not have milk or are not gonna hold me, then back off!”


PS. My friend Robyn just found out she is having her second boy!  Secretly I am glad because now I will have someone to umm…… hit the spas with 15 years from now.

Some Pictures to Hold you Over

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I was appalled when I checked the date of my last entry and it was 2 weeks ago.  Clearly a record for me.  Worse, one with NO good excuse!  I promise I will write more this week.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy until I can get my act together.

I drool; 


I laugh;


I Play;


And I sleep!


The cow he is laying on has a heart that beats when you lay on it.  We’ve tricked Mikey….he loves laying on Mike or I’s chest because he is soothed by the heartbeat.  Well, now we have a cow for a babysitter!

And of course, my other little Booger, (yes that IS the nickname I have for the boys.  I’ve called Braeden that since he was as little as Mikey- thank goodness I didn’t have girls!)…..


Believe it or not, this is the FIRST time Braeden has had his face painted!  It was hard to get a close up of the writing, but he made his Daddy Mike proud. (eventhough Penn State did NOT do well that day!)

About time…..

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B’s signature smile!  When we take him to get professional ones done, the lady tells him to give a “real” smile…..that IS his “real smile.” 

I am so sorry that I haven’t written lately. Maybe one of these days I can start an entry out with a sentence other than that. I’ve even neglected my “weekly” writing. In my defense, my parents did comment that when I DO write, I write a LOT. My Dad said he makes my Mom print it out so he can sit comfortably and read. I actually keep a log of some of the highlights so I won’t forget. I’ve realized that sometimes finding a quiet time to sit and empty my brain is not easy. Right now I am babysitting at a very sketchy house downtown with bars on the front door. This is VERY unusual. Most of the houses I go to are “dream houses” of mine. I’m here till about 1 am and there is no TV in the house. Thank goodness for computers. The lack of TV is actually a good thing. It will help me get caught up on writing. I always feel so good after I’ve written an entry. I feel like I’ve unloaded so much and am refreshed to load up more. Things have been going really well. I just feel like its all been going non-stop lately.  Braeden isn’t the only one not used to being on a schedule.  Thank goodness my husband thrives on schedules.  He has been getting up at 4:15 a.m. to go to the gym with our neighbor.  I may not be getting up with him, but his alarm and the lights he requires to get dressed wake me up. When he gets home he gets himself ready for work and then gets Braeden up, dressed and fed. I don’t know what we’d do if he wasn’t a morning person because I don’t get up until about 6:50 to take Braeden to the bus stop.  Mikey has usually just fallen back asleep from his last feeding (he has a hard time going back to sleep knowing Mike and his big brother are up and moving around) and I have to wake him up too.  The other Mom’s at the bus stop must think I am the laziest, most unsocial women because they all walk to the bus stop and stand together talking. I drive and sit in the car while we wait on the bus.  Its not that I don’t want to chit chat at 6am with all the other Mom’s who seem bright eyed and alert (wait, thats a good excuse), but because I literally walk out the door 1.5 minutes after getting up (most days I am in my nightgown).  So, after bidding Braeden farewell for the day, Mikey and I go home and back to sleep. Usually I start him off in his swing, but he only lasts about 30 minutes before realizing he’d be much more comfortable making ME uncomfortable laying on my chest.  Its the same every morning.  He will fall alseep right after I put him in the swing, having me think, YES I can get some good, quiet sleep.  Not the case, he’ll wake up screaming, grin at me when I pick him up and fall right back asleep with a smile on his face- on my chest!  Oh well, sleep is good no matter how you get it (even when you wake up with a stiff neck- if I try to move at all while the little prince is sleeping on me, he will yelp, disappointed that I’ve interrupted HIS slumber).  He is such a funny sleeper that I really do appreciate when he does sleep.  He takes little 20 minute cat naps throughout the day.  He fights going to sleep.  He will make himself so tired because he doesn’t want to miss anything.  He will start dozing off (eyes rolling, head bobbing),  then he will hear one tiny little noise and wake right up and be ready to play.  He needs to let me in on his secret of being rejuvenated after closing his eyes for only 30 seconds.  Everyone knows how MUCH sleep I like and need. Its been an adjustment to have my sleep interrupted during the night (its been 5 years since Braeden was an infant) and not getting to bed till after midnight most nights (because of babysitting). Oh well, just like my Dad says, “You can sleep when you’re dead!”

My parents came to town last weekend.  We had such an excellent time despite the fact that it rained all weekend.  My Dad can not sit still at all.  Sunday morning I woke up to find him outside in the rain picking weeds in his bathing suit. He has always loved having a nice up-kept yard (he needs to rub off on my husband), but its pretty bad when you actually WANT to pick weeds at someone else’s house.  Mike and I sure did appreciate his help though.  He and Mike also got our door re-screened, and a few new plants planted in the front. We are always so spoiled when they are here. My Dad does little projects and my Mom leaves us with a fridge full of good food- veggies and dip, fruit, and her famous tuna macaroni salad. Thanks MOM and DAD!


Braeden continues to really like school. Multiple times he’s said, “Mama, I REALLY like school!” Last week we were sitting at the table doing homework (that’s right, they give kindergartners homework now) and he said, “Mama, I REALLY like homework. Its fun and it makes me learn!” Wait till you get to high-school buddy! He has not gotten any more worms in class and has only had one small problem on the bus. I am SO PROUD of my little guy though. He has come a long way from the sensitive, crying-is-the-only-answer toddler he used to be. A little boy (apparently a big bad FIRST grader) asked him one morning as he was getting on the bus if he was a Kindergartner. When Braeden answered yes, the boy laughed and flicked him in the face. Braeden looked him right in the eye and said a smug, “Didn’t hurt” back at him. YAY! YAY! YAY! My nightmares of him getting picked on and going off and crying about it, only to get made fun of more and have me punch some kid out and end up in jail are over! GO BRAEDEN!

Mikey is also doing great. He started eating cereal last week and LOVES it. I can’t get it in his mouth fast enough. I have to strip him down to his diaper to feed him.  If I am taking too long to get another spoonful in his mouth, he will swipe at my arm making the cereal go all over his face, hand, or arm. And God forbid I try and wipe his mouth before every last bit is gone from the bowl. It’s recommended to start them at about 2 teaspoons per serving. I swear the other night he must have eaten about 12 teaspoons! He says, “look, my next Dr.’s appointment is on the 23rd and you better believe I ain’t gonna let them call me ‘small again!'” He IS getting a little gut on him and some pudgy cheeks. I LOVE IT! He gets cuter and cuter, and as long as he’s getting what he wants, he’s a very happy baby. He smiles and laughs all the time! Oh, big news, he watched his first Penn State and Eagles games with Daddy this week. Here are some pictures.


I’ll end this entry with a funny story (maybe not so much funny as gross for those of you who are not parents).- We are really getting on Braeden when we catch him picking his nose. Mostly because its gross, but also because we don’t want him getting picked on at school and also because he’s had a few bad infections (from apparently picking too much). Well, the other night we were in the car and I caught him picking. He had pulled out a booger that most MEN would be proud of. I said, “Braeden, gross…..get rid of that, yucky!” He looked at me dumbfounded and said, “Should I put it back in?” He was totally serious too. I’ve stocked my purse with kleenex. And no, he did NOT “put it back in.” Grandma provided him with a tissue.

Have a great week! We have a dear friend of ours coming in town on Thursday from PA and staying with us until Monday. We are really looking forward to showing him around Charleston. Actually we are really just looking forward to having some fun, adult time. Thanks Michael for giving Mike and I an excuse to get out of the house and have some fun.