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This is hilarious!  Braeden brought home his “weekly work” folder on Friday.  Things were crazy on Friday afternoon and I didn’t have a chance to look in his book bag until Saturday when we were all in the car together.  I pulled out his folder to look at what it was (since he only brings it home on Friday’s I hadn’t seen it before).  I guess the kids were supposed to decorate the folder.  Braeden had drawn 4 people on his (see above) and I asked him, “Is this your family?” He said, “Yes” I asked him who the person on the left was (the FAT one) and he said, “You, Mommy” Well, Mike started laughing hysterically and poking fun at me.  Sensitive subject really because I know I still have about 15 pounds to loose (I’ve lost about 3 in the past 2 weeks though).  As I looked closer at the people, I realized that that couldn’t have been me.  The “fat” one had short hair and the one all the way to the right had long hair (the other two were definitely Braeden and Mikey).  I said, “Braeden, how come you drew Daddy with LONG hair?” He said, “oops, that’s you Mommy, not the other  (fat) one.”  SO, Braeden really drew MIKE as the fat one.  Haha.  Guess who wasn’t laughing then!

So, no more worms for Braeden last week and none so far this week.  Its still hard to get a lot of details out of him though.  I’ll ask him what he did and he always says the same thing- “We went to recess, lunch, had centers, took a rest (they lay on towels for 20 minutes)” I guess those are his highlights since they do not involve WORK!  Haha.  After all the effort we put into making sure Braeden took the right bus on Mondays, Heather has changed the day she works, which now changes the day I nanny, to Thursdays.  Really, I would rather do Thursday anyway because Mondays are a hard day to try and get up, out the door and to someone’s house by 7am.  Also, it freed up my Monday evening (since I wouldn’t nanny from 7am-5pm and THEN babysit for someone that night) for another family whom I love, that was hoping I could sit for them regularly on Monday nights.  So, Mike and I spent the weekend explaining the situation to Braeden, writing a new note to the teacher and calling his after-school center to make sure she doesn’t pick Braeden up on Monday. Ah, the stress continues.  Speaking of buses, his morning bus continues to be late.  Mike now leaves at 6:30 a.m. to beat the traffic.  He gets to work a half hour early, but avoids ever having to be late again.  I take Braeden to the bus stop at 6:40 a.m. and the bus gets there after 7:00 a.m. almost every morning.  Apparently the bus driver decides to make up for her morning lateness by being EARLY in the afternoon dropping them off.  Yesterday, I walked out of the house at 2:25, (the bus drops the kids off at 2:30 and we live 15 seconds from the bus stop, but its too hot to stand out there with Mikey) look down the street and there is the bus pulling up to the bus stop.  Mikey (and anyone else outside doing yard work),  must have thought I was a maniac because I reversed down the driveway, sqwealed my tires as I flew down the street to meet the bus before it drove off with my kid still on it.  Braeden has also been instructed to NEVER get off the bus if he doesn’t see me or our car at the bus stop.  I can NOT traumatize him two weeks in a row!  I guess I have to be 20 minutes early at pick up time too!

Some other funny stories…..it was finally cool enough (and by cool I mean 89 degrees with a breeze rather than the 115 degrees its been with the heat index) to take Braeden to the pool and sit in the shade with Mikey.  We were all ready to go and just waiting on Mike to get his bathing suit on.  He went into the room to change and realized his bathing suit was in the other room.  He called out to Braeden asking him to bring him his bathing.  Braeden’s response was, “You are a man, you can come get it!”  I guess Mike has said one too many times to Braeden, “You are a big boy, you can do it!”

Whenever Braeden sneezes Mike jokes with him and says, “Hairball?” Well, in the pool Braeden sneezed about 5 times in a row and Mike said, “Hairball?” and Braeden said, “No, waterball!”  He continues to do great with learning how to swim.  We don’t even put his vest on him anymore.  He tends to stay in the shallow-end, but when Mike wants him to really swim, he takes him in the deep-end and Braeden is no longer scared. 

Mikey news- He must have snuck into the office one night and read the blog entry I wrote about his size and eating habits.  He is now eating 4-5 oz. every 3 hours (apposed to us having to force 4 oz. down every 4 hours (half of which would come back up) GOOD NEWS…..BAD NEWS is he is getting up in the middle of the night again to eat.  He says, “Haha suckers, that’s what you get for calling me puny!

I have a hair appointment in an hour……first one in 3 months and I CAN’T WAIT!  I am babysitting every day this week M-F.  My parents are coming in on Sat-Mon and I am really looking forward to it.  We have not seen them since early July.  Other than Mike working a short off-duty on Sunday, we are both off TOGETHER for 3 days in a row…..that’s a rarity.

OK, I am finally including a picture of myself.  I was able to fit into and wear a skirt yesterday that a few weeks ago I couldn’t even button much less wear.  I am very proud of myself because I have really changed my eating habits.  I’ve  cut back on the junk food and its helping a lot!  I still have a ways to go, but at least I am not scared off by my own picture anymore.  This is the morning of Braeden’s first day of school.


Don’t Forget About Me!

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I may be puney, but I sure am cute!

A blog entry 2 days in a row!  I realized that yesterday’s e-mail was all about Braeden (and rightly so) that I decided to write some Mikey news.  Everyone has been commenting on how small Mikey is.  The other day I babysat for a baby who was 2 weeks younger than Mikey and much bigger.  He drank 5 oz. every 2.5 hours.  We are lucky if we can get Mikey to drink 4 oz. every 4 hours.  He is also starting to sleep through the night (most nights) and his 2am feeding used to be when he drank the most.  So, between loosing that feeding and him being a grazer most of the day, I was afraid he was going to wither away to nothing.  I took him to the Dr. yesterday to have him weighed and talk about his weight.  He had gained a pound since his last appointment a month ago.  He was 10lbs, 13oz. on July 25 and 11lbs, 11 oz. yesterday.  The Dr. said that he was only in the 15th percentile for his weight, but still fell within the range of normal.  He said he was healthy, just small.  Just as no parent wants to hear that their child is fat, no parent wants to hear that their child is small…..especially the father of a BOY!  Oh well, as long as he is healthy.  Braeden is skinny too.  You can actually see his ribs when his shirt is off.  I have to promise people that we feed him!  The Dr. also told me not to listen to what everyone has to say and that as long as he seems healthy and happy to us, then he is fine.  I am just always consumed with worry for my boys.  One thing that goes along with being a mother.  I can’t even imagine what it will be like when they are teenagers and driving and have girlfriends……OK one stage at a time.

So, Mikey is starting to sleep through the night, and is still not a great eater.  Some other things to note, he is also doing well on his new formula (Carnation Good Start instead of Similac).  What used to be him waiting two or three days to poop, is now him pooping sometimes as many as 5 times a day- and all within about an hour.  They are all so awful that I have to change him after each, even though I know another is only minutes away.  He is getting really strong, lifting his head up when he is on his tummy, rolling from his tummy to his side and smiling like crazy.  He is the happiest in the morning and his smiles fade around 5:00.  At which time if we try to do anything other than hold him, he says NO!  He is very determined to be his OWN little person and I love him dearly for it.  He gets his determination from his Daddy and unfortunately his moodiness and stubbornness (yes a 3 month old can be VERY stubborn- he would scream until he was out of breath to get what he wants) from me!  Just as I am loved by so many, so will he, quirks and all. 

Thanks everyone for loving me though all of my stubborness, moodiness and quirks!  I too love each of you!

Speaking of First Days of School…..

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Yup, thats me on my first day of Kindergarten. My sister is standing behind me protecting me as she did many times during school.

Apples, Worms, Yellow and White Buses

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His bag is almost as big as him! 

So, its official, my little Braeden is a BIG BOY!  Yesterday was his first day of kindergarten and while it went alright, I think its a LOT more than Braeden expected.  He did GREAT both yesterday and today, but there were tears to be shed both days.  Yesterday was a very long first day for him.  To begin with, he had to get up at 5:45.  The bus picks him up at 6:35 (or is supposed to, but didn’t get to his stop until after 7:00 both days).  We didn’t get home until almost 9:00pm last night because we had friends in town who we hadn’t seen and last night was the only night we could get together before they left.  Also, Monday is my nannying day so he had to go straight to after-school care from school.  I didn’t even get to see him get on the bus OR meet him at the bus stop after school on his first day :(  If it were any other job, I would have gone in late and left early, but Monday is the only day I work for Heather and the only day Heather works, so I couldn’t make any adjustments.  It was probably for the best anyway, today was day 2 and when I saw him getting on that BIG bus, I was teary.   Second “crappy” start to his day was the fact that I had drilled it into him all weekend that he takes the “white bus” aka daycare bus on Monday’s after-school.  I was so terrified that he would get on the regular bus and panic when I was not there to meet him at the bus stop.  Or worse,  someone snatch him while he walked to the house.  Well, my drilling did not include an explanation that while he takes the while bus AFTER school, he takes the regular bus TO school.  Braeden was just as antsy as the other kids waiting for the bus and since it was late, they were all very excited when they finally saw their bus.  All the kids went running to the bus and Mike said Braeden just stood there and had a dissapointed look on his face.  He said to Mike, “That’s NOT my bus, my bus is the WHITE bus.”  I hadn’t shared the “bus-color-conversation” I’d had with Braeden with Mike, so Mike just assumed he was thinking a school bus is white.  Being in a rush to get himself to work (since the bus being late, now made him late) he gave Braeden a little shove toward the bus telling him it WAS his bus.  All Braeden could hear in his mind is Mommy’s voice reiterating for the 100th time, “WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GET ON THE YELLOW BUS ON MONDAYS!!!!!”  He burst into tears.  After quickly explaining to Mike what I had told him, Mike figured it out and explained that the white bus is only for Monday AFTER school.  I felt so bad when Mike told me.  Poor guy, he hadn’t even made it to school yet and was already traumatized.  He and I chatted once I saw him and I think we got things straight……we don’t have to worry about it for another 6 days anyway!  By the way, he did get on the white bus after-school. On our way home last night he started to cry again.  I think it was just an incredibly long day for him with a lot of new things to overwhelm him.  Also, ever since Braeden was a baby and in daycare, he never liked doing anything after he was picked up…..he just wanted to go home and do his own thing.  Some things never change.  He was upset because he had to go to bed when we got home.  He didn’t understand that it was late and he had to get up early.  All that concerned him was that he’d been awake for 15 hours and didn’t get to play with his toys AT ALL!  He also said that there were no toys at school and his teacher made him do the same thing over and over.  He said that he wanted to stay home with me.  As much as I’ve loved having him home with me the past year, I don’t think that it was the best thing for Braeden.  He got used to doing things at his own pace.  We had no real schedule and he liked getting up when he wanted and just doing his thing and not being bothered.  It will take a little getting used to for him.  He will be fine.  He’s just confused because when I asked him a bit later if he liked school and wanted to go back, he said yes.  Whew, thank goodness, because its one thing I do not have control of!

This morning started out about the same, he commented on how early he had to wake up, but seemed eager to go to school.  We waited at the bus stop for over half an hour (it was late again) and the whole time he kept saying how he was ready to get on the bus.  At one point, I commented to Mike that we should just drive him and Braeden said, “No, I want to ride the bus!”  That eased any guilt I felt about making mine and Mikey’s life easier by having him take the bus.  He was in a GREAT mood when I picked him up.  He was a lot more forthcoming about his day.  Maybe a little too forthcoming.  After telling me all the highlights, I asked him if any of the kids got into trouble in his class (not at all wondering if HE may have).  With a somber face, his response was, “No, but I did. I didn’t listen to the teacher.”  How am I supposed to get mad at my child when he voluntarily told me.  Then again, I can’t just let the incident go.  The kids have a folder that the teacher sends home with them each day.  In it is a calender, and on each day the teacher will place a smily face if they had no problems and indicate a color if there was a problem.  Red- not keeping hands to self; Blue- talking; Yellow- problem in fine arts; Green- messing with others property; Orange- other.  Well, Braeden had an orange on his sheet and a message- “lost control getting ready to go home.”  Naturally, (Braeden being the sensitive boy he is) he cried when I sat him down to “talk.”  I really didn’t make a big deal of it because I know that teachers can go a little overboard with things.  Her “losing control” was probably just Braeden being overly excited to go home and a little stir crazy after not being used to structure all day.  I did take awy the special sucker I had bought him and told him he could have it tomorrow if he got a smily face.  He told me that each of the students have an apple on a piece of paper that is “consequences to their actions.”  Putting one worm on it= 5 minutes timeout, 2 worms= 10 minutes time out, 3 worms 15 minutes timeout and a call home (so you understand what I am talking about in future blogs).  Braeden had to put one worm on his apple today! :(

 Ahhhhh…..only 12 more years to go!


Thats B at the top having problems making it up the stairs because his bag is weighing him down!

PS. Braeden wants aunt Lisa to know that HE got on the right bus. (She did NOT on her first day of kindergarten and went to the highschool- must have been a good indication that she’d be successful.  She’s a lawyer!)

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