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Nesting and Resting

Posted in Braeden,Health,MJ,New Baby by sandy on the May 22nd, 2007

OK, OK I KNOW I’ve been slacking this past week. To my faithful readers (Robyn and Jack for sure), I am so sorry. The two words in the title are pretty much all I’ve been doing since I wrote last. It hasn’t helped that B and I have been without a car since last Monday. Mike has been working 3rd shift (10pm-8am) and then would sleep all day. BUT, he is now officially off work for 1 month! That’s right, no shifts, no getting 4 hours sleep and then having to work off duty (although he won’t be getting much more than 3 hours at a time- unless I am really nice and let HIM sleep all day for once). He is home with his family for 1 whole month! I am so excited and so happy. I haven’t really been out and about doing much. I’ve cleaned and organized the entire house- more than once (also known as “nesting” when you are pregnant) and took a lot of naps. I did have some time to lay in the sun and get a little color so I am not the sick, pale looking lady in the hospital…..TOMORROW! Even Braeden succumbed to his boredom a few days and took a nap too. We really did save a lot of money though. It amazing how much $ you can waste just because you are bored or because its more convenient to run through McDonalds drive-through for a Happy Meal for lunch instead of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at home. We saved $60 in gas (two weeks in a row) that it usually takes to fill up the truck. At over $3 a gallon, I may tell the shop to just keep the truck. We were supposed to get it back on Friday, but of course it won’t be ready until tomorrow.

Mike did have some time off over the weekend and we were able to do a few fun things. Friday night we went to a baseball game. The weather was beautiful and we had good seats. Too good I guess, because at one point during the game (actually I think it was before it had even started), they sling-shot t-shirts into the stands for you to try and CATCH! Well, obtain a shirt I did, catch I did not…..it came right at me, hit me hard in the forehead, knocked my hat off and bounced to the man in front of me. I guess he felt sorry for me because he threw it back to me (usually its a get-on-the-ground-battle for those shirts). Braeden thought I was a hero getting HIM a shirt, Mike pretended not to know me, and I was just embarrassed and in a little pain. I didn’t bruise or swell or anything, but I did feel a little pain underneath the skin Sat and Sun. The funniest part was one of the park employees running up to me making sure I was OK (which embarrassed me even more). It was a fun night and I enjoyed my hotdog, french fries, gatorade, half of Braeden’s cheeseburger and boiled peanuts. I LOVE ballpark food, and hey, I AM still pregnant!

My parents are on their way to town now and I am really looking forward to seeing them. My parents, Braeden and Mike’s parents will be at the hospital tomorrow for the birth. Of course only Mike can go into the operating room with me, but they should be able to get a good glimpse of the baby as he’s being taken to the nursery. It all seems so unreal to me. I guess because with most babies, everything is a surprise, and more natural. You don’t know when you are going into labor much less when your baby will be born. Its a tad freaky knowing that tomorrow morning I am not only having a baby, but major surgery to do so. I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t scared (I am terrified to have a needle in my mouth at the dentist), but I am really excited and anxious too.

I guess I won’t write again until I get home from the hospital. By then most of you will already know all the details of the birth, but I will probably repeat them on here too. I may remember more while typing than when I talk to you since by the time I type, I won’t be feeling “nice” on all the medications .

Here is one cute cute thing Braeden said over the weekend- We went to Chilis on Sat because we had a free coupon for an awesome dessert. Well, after we’d all already stuffed our faces with dinner, they brought out the dessert. We devoured it. There was one bite left and little B scooped it up and then looked at Mike and I so sweetly and said, “does anyone want the last bite?” Of course we let HIM have the last bite (even though Mike and I were both about ready to fight for it). :)

The next picture on here will be of baby Michael, but here is a picture of what Mike and I woke up to one morning last week……B doesn’t get into any mischief, but he knows where HIS space is and decided to use it ALL this particular morning. That’s what we get for being LAZY!


I love you all!

PS. I got some WONDERFUL news last night. As my pregnancy is about to end…..another one is beginning and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for making my night last night Robyn. Congratulations to you and Paul! You DESERVE IT!

A “Nice” picture deserves a tie!

Posted in Braeden,New Baby by sandy on the May 15th, 2007

tie-resized.jpgSorry for not writing yesterday. It was Mike’s Birthday and we had a busy day. Although Mike’s version of an awesome Birthday would be sitting at home doing nothing all day, I think we had a really great day. I’ll start in the middle of the day so I can explain the picture. Mike has been so amused and amazed by my ever enlarging stomach (did he think a baby was flat) that he’s been wanting to get some pictures of my tummy. Of course whenever we take out the camera, Braeden comes running and wants HIS picture taken. I told him to be patient, let Mike take a few of Mommy and then I would take a “nice” picture of him. Well, as Mike was snapping away, B comes running around the corner out of his room with a clip on tie that my parents got him for Christmas. He said, “Mama, can I wear this tie for the ‘nice’ picture?” He was so serious too and wanted to make sure he smiled really nice (although paying no attention to his un-matching shirt and shorts, his backwards hat or the “Ninja” sword he never puts down). To him, the tie made him “dressed up.” He was about to head to see his cousins baseball game and wanted to wear the tie there……Mike put his foot down. I would have let him. :) Let me rewind to before Christmas when the whole “tie” thing came into our lives.—–First of all, let me tell you that unlike many of the America’s Funniest Home Video clips, the pictures of Braeden are NOT staged. I do not tell him to do funny things for your entertainment (although I hope it is entertaining to you). These are true snap shots of our every day lives and the “individual” that Braeden is.—–Back to before Christmas, Braeden found a clip on tie in his sock drawer. I have NO idea where it came from. He wore it everyday for over a week. When the clip broke, so did his heart (DARN, said MAMA) :) Anyway, when he saw my Dad he shared his sad news. My parents knew exactly what to get him for Christmas. He was THRILLED. Now, he has 2 (in case one breaks)……Gotta love the grandparents! Every now and then he will remember about them and just snap it on to his shirt and walk around like its totally cool and a great addition to his outfit for the day. As for the rest of the day yesterday, we went and dropped off our truck to finally get the dents fixed, went to IHOP for breakfast, ran a couple errands and then went to the pool. Last night to celebrate Mike’s Birthday, I took him to our favorite restaurant where we met some of our closest friends and had a great time (child-free). We were talking to a couple as we sat outside on the top deck admiring the gorgeous view and they made a comment on how it would probably be our last “adult” dinner for awhile. They are probably right, although Mike and I’s anniversary is in a month, so I’m sure one of our family memebers will take pity on us and watch the kids for a couple hours. HINT HINT! The very best part of a great day yesterday was when we were putting Braeden to bed. He was so exhausted by the time we picked him up from Mike’s parents house after dinner. He was half asleep in the car and half asleep while we were getting him ready for bed. I covered him up, put his music on (he still listens to the SAME CD he has listened to since he was a baby) and I said goodnight. He could barely get the words “goodnight” out, but as I walked towards the door, he very clearly said, “Mama, can I kiss the baby” something he does throughout the day and ALWAYS at night. He just melts my heart.

Today was a pretty uneventful day (literally). I had my LAST pre-natal appointment today. Nothing has changed since last week. We basically talked about the c-section next week (since it doesn’t appear that he’s planning on coming before he’s scheduled to). Then, we made an appointment for 3 weeks (2 week post-partum check-up) and I couldn’t believe that we’d be bringing the BABY to that appointment. We are so excited. We have a FANTASTIC Dr. who allows allows Braeden to participate wherever he can with the check-ups. Since I stay home with him, and Mike comes to the appointments with me, Braeden comes along as well. She NEVER acts annoyed or frustrated that there is another little body in an already tiny room. He’s been practicing the last couple weeks helping to locate the baby’s heartbeat. Today, she gave him the little machine and told him he could do it on his own. He found the heartbeat RIGHT away and was so proud of himself! Maybe my first little man is gonna be a Dr.?

I hope everyone is having a nice week. Thanks for reading and for your comments. I love hearing from everyone!


Posted in Braeden,Health,New Baby by sandy on the May 11th, 2007

No, the hospitals here are not so highly advanced that they have lap tops on the maternity floor where women can update their blog after giving birth! I am sitting at HOME with the baby STILL in my belly typing this entry. Although I didn’t sleep well last night, I did finally fall asleep and although having to pee every hour woke me up, pains did not! I was fine about it (getting used to the cramping and false “labor-like” pains) until about 10:00 this morning when I started having INTENSE pains (worse than yesterday) that I swore I was going to be heading to the hospital as soon as Mike got home. Well its noon and I am still home and now pain free. For those of you who don’t already know, I suffer from irritable bowel. If I eat something that doesn’t agree with me then I get really intense pains that last about an hour (and mimic labor pains). Its common for it to be worse while pregnant because of where the baby lays in relation to the digestive system. I’ve had it bad about 3 times this pregnancy and even called the Dr. once (I was only at 30 weeks at that point). I am pretty sure Mike is relieved. I called him at 11:00 to tell him I was in pain. He was on his way home from work with a severe headache. He had been up since 7:30 last night. He was such a sweetie though and just replied, “We will do what we have to do.” He probably hung up with me and said a nice little prayer that the baby would not come today- and there I was praying that he would! :) HAHA. Truthfully, I would feel really bad if he’d had to take me to the hospital and see his son be born on NO SLEEP and plagued by a headache.

OK, time to shower and sit out front on the rocking chairs. Exciting I know! B and I are going to meet some dear friends Jennifer and Nicholas tonight for some play time at the park and dinner at a favorite restaurant (which is SO GOOD, but upsets my tummy almost every time). At least if I wake up in pain tonight I will KNOW its NOT labor! HAHA :)

Sorry for the borning blog. I will make up for it with a great picture!

Braeden insists on wearing a hat to “keep the sun of his face” however, he also insists on wearing it backwards! I pick my battles, whatever makes sense to him!


True or False, that is the question…..

Posted in Braeden,Health,New Baby by sandy on the May 10th, 2007

Today was an overall good day. I am currently in “waiting mode” as to whether or not what I’ve been feeling for the past 6 1/2 hours is in fact true labor. I’ve had pains since about 2 this afternoon that have not subsided, but not gotten worse either. I finally called the Dr. about an hour ago and she said to drink a quart of water, take two Tylenol, and take a bath. If it is false labor, the contractions will go away. If not, they will continue and possibly intensify. Great, seeing as Mike has to leave in 30 minutes for work- until about noon tomorrow. Normally he gets off at 8:00, but has court cases to deal with tomorrow morning. Thank goodness he works in the same city as the Dr.’s office and can meet me there quickly. I’ll keep everyone posted.

I took B to see The Robinson’s movie today. Maybe having to sit through that movie is what psychologically made me feel I was in labor…..it was horrible. I was thinking the whole time, “Please let my water break” so I’d have an excuse to exit the movie without hurting my little guy’s feelings. Nope, we toughed it out. I am a little disappointed in Disney with that one. I could barely understand the story line (and it was animated) much less a 5 year old. I expect more from Disney…..especially since my family has already spent many dollars on that company. Oh well, there is another movie coming out this summer. Hopefully it will be better.

I finally got outside yesterday and cleaned off the patio (all the dried up pollen) and wiped down the rocking chairs. Braeden and I sat out there for a little while. It was so nice out. He doesn’t sit still long…..he just HAS to be a Ninja and practice his “moves” all the time. Here is a picture.


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