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HI-HO-HI-HO Its BACK to work I go…..

Posted in Braeden,Mike,MJ by sandy on the July 8th, 2007

OK, I had a nice long post typed and somehow it got deleted.  I am SO tired and can’t imagine having to retype it all right now.  I will share a couple pictures and type an entry tomorrow after I get home from WORK!  That’s right, as of tomorrow, I am officially a working mother again.  I will explain and give details tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  Obviously the above picture is from the 4th.  Braeden is a little raggamuffin.  His hair is shaggy on purpose.  He’s had it cut very short (buzzed really) for the past year.  I want it to be longer for school so we are letting it grow  some so we can get it scizzor cut right before he starts kindergarten.  He is a mess in that picture with beans all over his shirt and face.  He is still a handsome big brother though.


We caught Mikey smiling!  Its probably just gas! :)

My little fish

Posted in Braeden,Pictures,Vacations by sandy on the June 29th, 2007

Since Braeden is still with the grandparents, things have been quiet around here.  I don’t have much to write right now so I thought I’d just share a few pictures.  Braeden comes home on Sunday so I am sure I will have a LOT to report.  Have a great weekend!



Aunt Lisa

Posted in Braeden,MJ,Pictures by sandy on the June 21st, 2007


I am TOO tired to write tonight, so I will make up for it with pictures.  I wrote last week that Uncle Jack was Braeden’s new favorite person…..that was until Aunt Lisa got to town a few days later (sorry Jack).  He LOVES his aunt (even more so after the 2 game boy games she bought him)! :) I will try and write a good entry tomorrow.  I have some funny things to share.  Hope everyone is good.

Ps. The face Mikey is making is one of Mike and I’s favorites.

Mike’s first Father’s Day

Posted in Braeden,Mike,MJ,Pictures by sandy on the June 21st, 2007


Don’t let him kid you, the look on Mike’s face is NOT from sleep deprivation, but from too much alcohol consumption the night before!

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